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Orange County was offered its name because of the beautiful citrus groves that once called the landscape their home. It consists of an area that stretches all the way from the Huntington, Laguna and Newport beaches to the inland areas of Orange and Irvine. Orange County consists of a group of 34 municipalities and it also hosts one of the most culturally diverse populations in the world. Orange County gained its reputation as a major tourist destination primarily because of its world class theme parks, Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm as well as the fact that it has its own TV series that became a major hit all over the world – The O.C.

The orange orchards that once used to dominate the landscapes might be very difficult to find nowadays, but attractions like exotic beaches, excellent swimming and surfing facilities, beautiful marinas, world class golf courses and a typical Mediterranean climate ensure that there is never a shortage of tourists in Orange County. Theme parks, superb restaurants and quintessential beach towns are some of the main highlights of any trip to Orange County. The perfect weather also calls for a relaxed beach vacation in one of these beach towns that dot the Pacific all the way from the Laguna Beach to San Clemente as well as Newport Beach to the Seal Beach. Other attractions worth checking out while in Orange County include the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace and the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Finally, the extensive number of designer stores located in the area coupled with some of the most amazing outdoor shopping complexes make shopping an attraction in itself in Orange County. While your enjoying your shopping experience be sure to step into one of OROGOLD’s amazing Orange Country locations like the Irvine Store located inside the Irvine Spectrum Center at 71 Fortune Drive, Irvine, CA 92618.

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The perfect itinerary in Orange County should ideally consist of an early morning swim in the famous Corona Del Mar, a delicious breakfast at the Huntington Beach, followed by the breathtaking views offered by the Emerald Bay cove located in the Laguna Beach. Follow this up with a trip to the Seed People’s Market and complete the perfect day in Orange County by trekking along the breathtaking courtyards of the Mission San Juan Capistrano. While in Orange County, don’t forget to explore Costa Mesa, a place famous for its organic restaurants which use locally grown food and the freshest ingredients. And don’t forget to eat out on the patio. After all, what’s the point of eating indoors when you have the beautiful Mediterranean weather to serenade your senses.

The climate of Orange County is considered to be semi-arid with dry and warm summers and mild and wet winters. The maximum temperatures hover between the 60s – 80s throughout the year, whereas the minimum temperatures never fall below 40s – 60s. Rainfall is quite rare in Orange County, but you can always expect the nights to be foggy. Smog is also known to be quite common in the area.

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of theme parks, beaches, unlimited things to see and do, a beautiful culture and chic sophistication, there are very few places which manage to beat the charm and aura that Orange County has to offer.

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