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Key West, the southernmost point of the US, is nestled in Monroe County and is closer to Cuba than any other city in the US. As a result, it manages to offer its tourists with a beautiful culture that offers both American and Cuban influences. It is famous for its tolerant attitude and laid back lifestyle. The island consists of a population of close to 30000 and is known to offer great expanses of sun and sky that never seem crowded despite the fact that it attracts more than one million tourists each year. The liberal attitude in the island has led to the development of an excellent gay culture and almost 2 out of every 5 people are known to be gay. What makes Key West so famous is that despite being completely renovated to cater to tourist tastes, it still manages to retain its sense of individuality and isolation – something that helps Key West to boast of a mind boggling atmosphere.

The Key West community was founded in the year 1933 and it got is name from its most famous patron, the one and only Ernest Hemingway, the one responsible behind the name. Today, the Key West community holds a beautiful Earnst Hemingway lookalike contest every year, a festival that has become increasingly popular all over the US for all the fun and excitement that it offers.

Another reason behind Key West’s widespread popularity is its near perfect weather. The islands is spoiled rotten by the bright sunny days and scanty rainfall. It is also home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in North America. No wonder, icons like Jimmy Buffet, Tennessee Williams and Calvin Klein called the island their home.

The town has always been famous for its funky life and laidback nature that has attracted free ranging spirits, artists and renegades since ages. One of the main reasons behind the towns independant nature is its geography. Key West is close to almost nothing in the US. In fact, it is more close to Cuba than to the US. There’s a single road that leads in and Key West is not in the way of any other destination.

Key West, like Miami, also boasts of a great nightlife – making it an ideal option for anyone who loves to party like crazy. Tourists can also expect to see a little bit of almost everything. A walk along Duval Street offers you with access to the most famous dining and entertainment options in the area. Those looking for beautiful escapades and natural attractions cannot miss out on the Nancy Forrester’s Secret Garden (a beautiful rainforest) or the Key West Botanical Forest and Garden (a unique frost free arboretum). Children are sure to have a blast at the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory that is particularly famous for its 5000 sq. ft. butterfly habitat.

Irrespective of where you end up on the island, you can always expected to be treated with breathtaking scenery, a beautiful culture, a pleasant atmosphere and a laid back lifestyle.

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