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Our Favorite Beachy Destinations – OROGOLD Reviews

//Our Favorite Beachy Destinations – OROGOLD Reviews

There is no better place to relax than on a beautiful sandy beach, overlooking clear, aquamarine water. OROGOLD’s favorite beachy destinations are perfect for those who want to avoid overly crowded beaches, with great options for both romantic holidays as well as family vacations.

Kalemya Bay, Turkey
The Hillside Beach Club is set in its own private bay, and caters to families, couples and groups of friends. The area is considered to be one of outstanding natural beauty, with crystal clear turquoise water surrounded by lush green hills. Parents will love the huge variety of activities for young children, as well as the special activities for the usually hard-to-please teenagers, such as beach movies, DJ lessons, and dancing. The resort also offers a variety of water-based activities and has their own dive school for those who are new to the sport. For couples who want to enjoy some quiet down-time, there are two adult-only beaches to choose from. The first has a ‘no cellphone’ policy, and the second can only be accessed via a forest path, guaranteeing your seclusion. One of the most popular features of the hotel is their free Beach Order App, allowing guests to order drinks directly to their sun loungers.

Image of Paradise Bay Beach in Greece.

Halkidiki, Greece
Home to powdery white sand and the Aegean Sea, Halkidiki will be seeing two new luxury resorts opening in the area this year, the Ikos Olivia and the Ikos Oceania. Both offer all-inclusive vacations, but with the added bonus of bespoke services. The Ikos Oceania lies in between the Mediterranean Sea and Mount Olympus, giving you jaw-dropping views wherever you look. It also offers a private beach, which all guests can enjoy. The Ikos Olivia is more secluded, an authentic yet contemporary resort tucked away amongst 22 acres of ancient olive trees. The restaurants are run by Michelin-starred chefs, making it a great destination for food enthusiasts. The hotel also offers a beach waiter service, as well as a spa offering customized treatments, ensuring that you feel truly pampered by the time you have to leave.

Image of the Gem Island Beach in Malaysia

Gem Island, Malaysia
This private rocky island is located within a marine wildlife sanctuary, and is home to the Gem Wellness Spa and Island Resort. The water-villa rooms face the sparkling sea, and the golden beaches around the island make this a luxuriously tropical retreat. The resort also has a turtle hatchery, where baby turtles are helped along until they’re old enough to survive the waters of the South China Sea. For those who like snorkelling, the undersea gardens are spectacular to explore, giving you the opportunity to see gorgeous coral in vibrant colors and many tropical species of fish. Low tide brings about many tidal pools in the north of the island, and you can end your day with a relaxing treatment at the hotel’s spa.

Combining secluded beaches with lush surroundings and a glittering sea is the perfect recipe for a relaxing holiday. Each of our favorite beachy destinations retains their sense of authenticity whilst still offering something a little different, giving you an experience unlike any other.

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