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Coolest Hotel Bathrooms Around the World

//Coolest Hotel Bathrooms Around the World

While you may not book a hotel based solely on its bathroom, some hotels have bathrooms so luxurious that they may be worth taking the trip for! Here are OROGOLD’s picks of some of the coolest hotel bathrooms around the world.

Paresa Phuket, Thailand
The five pool suites at the Paresa Phuket in Thailand each have both an indoor and outdoor bathroom. The bathrooms are uniquely designed, with a private infinity pool surrounding the bathroom. If the 180 degree sea view, plus the private spa treatment area and steam room, weren’t enough, the island-style bath that ‘floats’ in the middle of the private swimming pool will definitely have you trying to extend your stay!

Per Aquum Niyama, Maldives
The Per Aquum Niyama resort in the Maldives is definitely unique in many ways. The suites feature open-air bathrooms with an enormous bath, surrounded by enough tropical vegetation to make you feel secure, bringing a whole new level of luxury to the term ‘bathing au naturel’. The Niyama also has the world-famous Subsix restaurant, six meters under the surface of the sea and 500 meters out in the ocean, allowing you to enjoy a meal surrounded by stunning marine creatures making their way around their underwater playground.

The Upper House, Hong Kong
The Hong Kong skyline is an icon in itself, and while there are plenty of places throughout the city where you can take in the views, there are only a few where you can do this while relaxing in the tub. The bathrooms in the Upper House’s two penthouse suites both have floor to ceiling windows offering spectacular views of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbour. Both the bathtub, as well as the rain shower, are ideally positioned by the windows, so that you can enjoy the breathtaking view while indulging in some luxurious cleansing.

Hotel Atlantis, Dubai.

Atlantis the Palm, Dubai
The Atlantis the Palm in Dubai is known world over for its underwater suites, with floor to ceiling windows looking straight into the depths of the Ambassador Lagoon and its thousands of marine inhabitants. These amazing windows with their incredible underwater view extends to the exquisite bathrooms, where you can enjoy a soak in the tub while taking in the tropical fish and marine life swimming all around you.

Gôra Kadan, Hakone, Japan
Just over an hour’s drive from the busy Japanese city of Tokyo lies Gôra Kadan, a secluded ryokan, otherwise known as a traditional Japanese inn. The former retreat of the Imperial Family, Gôra Kadan lies in an area that is known for its natural hot springs, and the bathroom in room 702 takes full advantage of this. Rather than an indoor tub, this room features an outdoor soaking tub with water that is naturally heated by the mineral hot springs on the hotel grounds.

OROGOLD’s favorite hotel bathrooms are all in destinations with plenty to see and do. Since these cool bathrooms are only available at some of the rooms at each hotel, OROGOLD advises that, when booking, you check to see which bathroom you will be getting, to avoid any disappointment!

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