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City Guide For Milan Fashion Week

//City Guide For Milan Fashion Week

Fashion week is the highlight of Milan when it is going on, but what do you do when you’re not at a runway? Arts, faith, and the hectic nature of life all blend together in this Italian city and give it the unique flavor that made it into a fashion capital of the world. The ancient city has had settled people at least as early as 222 B.C.E. and as a result it has a long history. Between shows you can certainly find something to do to satisfy your interests. OROGOLD would especially like to highlight that its long history means that Milan knows more about beauty than when it is simply found in clothing. Some of its devotional architecture and art is known the world over. As a result, here are a few things to do while you’re in Milan for fashion week.

See the Duomo
Regardless of your faith, The Duomo is a truly impressive feat of architecture. Its centuries long construction resulted in an awe-inspiring Gothic facade and interior that revels in the paradoxical ornate austerity of Gothic architecture. In some ways, the Duomo is the very heart of the city. It is open to tourists routinely. You’re free to wander the floors and look up, but in some cases you can get a tour of the roof itself. This provides you with an up close look of the iconic spires as well as providing a panoramic view of Milan itself. The centralized location of the Duomo in older incarnations of Milan ensures that you can see plenty of the city looking out in any direction. The fashion of Milan may dwarf that of much of the world, but in Milan it is the Duomo that dwarfs the fashion house of Milan.

Museo del Novecento

Enjoy a Bit of Art
Milan’s status as a cultural center makes it entirely unsurprising that there are plenty of art museums around the city. Near the Duomo you can find Museo del Novecento. This museum is specifically for housing works of modern art. There is a natural focus on Italian painters, but there are still a decent number of international painters as well. ORGOLD does wish to remind you that modern refers to an artistic era rather than necessarily current artwork. There are plenty of known names in the museum though. For anyone with a classical taste in art, Pinacocoteca di Brera is more than happy to provide a place for you to wander. The art gallery specializes in earlier works of art and does its best to preserve them for all the world to see.

La Scala

La Scala Awaits
If the Duomo is Milan’s draw for religious architecture, than La Scala is its draw for anyone interested in the opera. This legendary opera house has been in operation for centuries and played host to some of the biggest names in opera over that time. The relatively unassuming exterior hides an interior that was and remains a truly lavish experience. With private boxes ringing the walls above the floor seats, there always seems to be a secluded area from which you can indulge in the simple joys of the opera. Shows are notoriously hard to get into, but tours of the opera house run regularly. This provides you with an opportunity to learn the full history of the building and maybe get a glimpse into the main area itself.

Fashion is where Milan’s name stands at the moment, but the French city has stood for many things across its long life. OROGOLD would never suggest that anyone should miss the sights and sounds of fashion week. It would be terribly sad to miss out on the other things that Milan can offer though. So make the most of your time there and come away from Milan not only prepared to dress your best, but with a deeper understanding of why Milan in such a center of beauty.

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