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Beta Testing Digital Living

//Beta Testing Digital Living

Rapid growth and the spread of technology has drastically influenced the ways in which individuals live, work and behave, with digital living filling our lives in ways that we would never have previously imagined possible. With all of the technology now at our fingertips, individuals today are beta testing digital living in a way that has never been done before, bringing to light its many advantages, as well as some of its downsides.

Cultural DNA
Studies have shown that cultural DNA has a huge impact on the way in which people around the world adapt to digital living. The love for, and usage of, smartphones in China is twice as high as that of France, while those in Germany are willing to give up simple living for a greater sense of empowerment. This is quite the opposite to the norm, as research has shown that the majority of people want technology to make their lives easier and much more simple. These studies are extremely significant, and will affect the way in which companies market digital living to different countries.

The Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is a great example of the way in which digital living is being completely embraced by the mass market, and essentially consists of a music player, communications device, fitness tracker, digital key and payment token, not to forget all of the available apps that give it even more potential. All of this is contained within a stylish watch, worn close to the body at all times. While many regard this as being convenient, others found that the watch made it impossible for them to disconnect from technology, but with the Apple Watch 2 soon to be released, there may be new innovations that take care of these growing concerns.

Internet Surveillance and Privacy
One of the greatest public concerns when it comes to the growth of digital living is internet surveillance and privacy. By sharing such large portions of our lives whether with the authorities, or in terms of cyber crime, privacy is an issue that has been around for a while, and is far from being resolved.

The Personal Touch
While digital living is encouraged by many, there are others that distinctly notice the lack of a personal touch in their day to day lives. The fact that technology has been replacing human beings in many industries has been common knowledge for years, but the increase in digital living only exacerbates this issue. From the restaurant in Beijing that has replaced every single member of staff with a single app, to the airports all over the world that are using technology instead of human air traffic controllers, there is no ignoring the way in which digital living impacts people in so many different ways.

Digital living is still a relatively new concept, meaning that there is plenty more to learn. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to watch the way in which more and more digital aspects will be integrated within our lives, whether they may be wanted there or not.

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