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Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year

//Best Places to Celebrate Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest events in the Chinese calendar, with extravagant celebrations hosted all over the world. Even if Chinese New Year is an event that is new to you, it is definitely worth checking out one of these Chinese New Year celebrations and immersing yourself in the colorful world of a culture different from yours.

Chinese New Year in Beijing

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Beijing, China
Of course, the best place to celebrate Chinese New Year is in China itself, and Beijing is the city that hosts the mother of all Chinese New Year celebrations. Each year for the occasion, the city is filled with traditional decorations, carnivals, festivals, parades, and plenty of firecrackers. The Ditan Temple Fair is not to be missed if you are in Beijing for Chinese New Year, featuring a spectacular array of food stalls, Chinese folk art, lion and dragon dances, and so much more. The Longqing Ice and Snow Festival is a new addition to Beijing’s Chinese New Year offerings, but is also well worth a visit, with impressive ice sculptures celebrating the event.

Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is home to Thailand’s largest Chinatown, and this is where the three-day Chinese New Year celebration is held. The Thai princess opens the festivities, after which parades begin to fill the streets. With dancers, floats, drummers and traditional activities, the celebrations are as loud as they are colorful. Once night falls, the Chinese New Year lanterns are lit, filling Bangkok with twinkling red lights that dance above the night time parades.

Chinese New Year in London

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London, UK
While London may be relatively new on the scene when it comes to Chinese New Year celebrations, they now host the largest celebration outside of Asia. London hosts a one-day festival in three different locations, each of which offers a unique range of activities and festivities. If you want traditional food to be the focus of your day, Chinatown would be the location to head for, with its authentic restaurants, brightly colored decorations and lively Chinese dance groups.

Los Angeles, California
It is in LA that you will find some of the biggest Chinese New Year celebrations in the country, from the themed d├ęcor and Mandarin tour of the Universal Studios Hollywood to the Chinese musicians and dancers in Disneyland California. The city itself hosts a variety of different events, with the annual parade that marches down Chinatown being one of the most popular. There is also a midnight temple celebration where visitors can light up firecrackers and receive a blessing for the year to come.

Each Chinese New Year is characterized by one of the animals on the Chinese zodiac, and this year will be the Year of the Monkey, with the next one occurring in 2028. No matter where in the world you may be located, you are bound to be able to find a Chinese New Year celebration near you that you can attend, and, even if you can’t, there’s nothing to stop you from hosting your own memorable festivities!

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