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Best Indoor Attractions, UK – OROGOLD Reviews

//Best Indoor Attractions, UK – OROGOLD Reviews

As unpredictable as the UK weather can be, summer days are still long, and often filled with intense sunshine. As much as you may want to bask in the warmth, OROGOLD recommends that whenever possible, you stay out of the sun between 11AM and 4PM, as these are the hottest hours that do the most damage to your skin. To help keep you entertained, OROGOLD has rounded up some of the best indoor attractions in the UK. Whether you’re a UK local, or are simply visiting for your summer vacation, check out our picks for some great sun-free fun.

The Deep, Hull
The only ‘submarium’ in the world, The Deep is home to over 3500 fish, as well as 40 sharks. Visitors are taken on a journey through the many oceans of the world, from the tropical waters of the Amazon to the icy temperatures of the polar oceans. Their impressive glass elevator takes you 10 meters down into Europe‘s deepest viewing tunnel, where you can enjoy a spectacular walk with sharks, rays and many colorful fish float by above your head. In addition to this, visitors can watch daily dives, enjoy specialties at the on-site restaurant, and those with children can even arrange for them to sleep over in The Deep.

Cadbury World, Birmingham
Owned and run by Cadbury, one of the world’s largest confectionery manufacturers, Cadbury World is a must-see for all of you chocolate lovers out there. Welcoming around half a million visitors each year, Cadbury World features 14 different ‘zones’, each of which takes you through the history of the chocolates. The main tour takes you through each of the zones, and allows visitors to create their own chocolate concoctions in a tub of liquid chocolate. After the tour, visitors are able to have a look around the largest Cadbury store in the world, and purchase treats to take away with them.

City of Caves, Nottingham

City of Caves, Nottingham
Many people do not realize that the city of Nottingham is built on a maze of over 450 different Anglo-Saxon sandstone caves. Visitors are able to explore these tunnels and embark on a journey deep below the cobbled streets of Nottingham. The caves have been stripped back to their original appearance, and visitors can learn about how these caves were used throughout the centuries, from the UK’s only known underground medieval tannery, where eight-year-old children would work in horrific conditions, to bomb shelters during the war. There are still new caves being discovered today, and locals are taking full advantage of this, with even a restaurant set up inside one of the caverns.

From a stroll through the deepest underwater viewing tunnel in Europe, to an exploration of an ancient maze of caves in the north of the country, these indoor attractions will no doubt keep you fascinated and entertained. However, they can get quite busy during the summer months, so OROGOLD recommends pre-booking a ticket online whenever possible.

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