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Amazing Underwater Hotels Around the World

//Amazing Underwater Hotels Around the World

Spending the night in a hotel room under the sea is no longer just a concept from sci-fi movies, with more and more underwater hotels and rooms being built around the world. OROGOLD brings you some of the most amazing underwater hotels around the world.

The Manta Resort, Zanzibar
With underwater bedrooms surrounded by a tropical marine environment, a lounge and dining room at water level, and a top deck for sunbathing and stargazing, staying at The Manta Resort in Zanzibar feels as though you have your very own private floating island. From Pemba Island, guests board a wooden boat that carries them the two minutes through the house reef to the hotel. The untouched coral reefs, also one of the healthiest in the world, that surround Pemba Island make it one of the best diving spots in the world, with a daily visibility of around 30 to 40 meters. The resort also offers a variety of excursions, from exploring the Ngezi rainforest to a traditional sunset cruise on the Ngalawa.

Otter Inn Hotel, Sweden
Hotell Utter Inn, or Otter Inn Hotel in English, floats peacefully on Lake Malaren, not too far from Stockholm. Although it may not be at the height of luxury, it is definitely worth a visit, and, being the only underwater hotel in Sweden, has gained quite the following of locals looking for a unique weekend getaway. Featuring a 25 square meter deck at water level, as well as a kitchen, the highlight of the hotel is the underwater bedroom, 3 meters below sea level. The hotel doesn’t have electricity, but still has lighting, a fridge and a gas heater, meaning that you won’t miss the lack of power too much. Although it may be small, the panoramic windows with unrivalled views of aquatic life definitely make up for its size.

Lovers Deep, Caribbean
Lovers Deep is a leisure submarine, intended for couples who want to spend a romantic night underwater. Submerged off the coast of a Caribbean island of your choice, the submarine comes with its very own team of staff, intent on making your stay as enjoyable as possible. Since this is a mobile property rather than a hotel, guests are able to choose their surroundings, be it a colorful coral reef or an old shipwreck. The interior of the submarine can be redesigned and customized to suit the tastes of each guest, and a special aphrodisiac tasting menu, featuring oysters, caviar and an indulgent chocolate fondant, has been designed for guests of Lovers Deep. For added romance, OROGOLD recommends requesting for rose petals on the bed, as well as making use of their babysitting service if you aren’t able to find someone to watch your children at home.

Although a night at an underwater hotel does not come cheap, it will definitely make you vacation a memorable one. For slightly better rates, OROGOLD recommends visiting during an off-peak season, as well as making your booking well in advance.

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