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6 Amazing Detox Spas in the U.S.

//6 Amazing Detox Spas in the U.S.

Detox spas have experienced a huge surge in popularity recently, as these destination resorts are the perfect way to cleanse the body while reviving the mind and spirit. While each spa will have their own range of detox treatments and activities, here are six in the USA that are definitely worth a visit.

Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona

Canyon Ranch first opened its doors in 1979, and, ever since then, has been recognized as being one of the top wellness destinations in the country, if not the world. 

Wondering what makes it so great?

This is largely due to its spa complex that measures 100,000 square feet. As you can imagine, there is so much that can be squeezed into here, from gyms and cycling studios to swimming pools and tennis courts.

Prefer spending your time outdoors?

There are over 40 fitness classes offered by the resort, many of which take place in the great outdoors, from cross-country skiing to hiking.

Of course, while physical health is an important part of every detox, so is mental well-being, and Canyon Ranch has this covered too. Everything from acupuncture to clairvoyant readings are offered at the resort, as well as therapy sessions to help you to deal with whatever may currently be cluttering up your mind.

One fear that many have about detox spas is in regards to the food that they will be served…

But, when it comes to Canyon Ranch, you do not need to be concerned. Yes, the meals are all healthy, with so much thought put in to everything from calories to grams of fat, but the menu itself will still feature a number of your favorite dishes. Popular items include grass-fed steaks with a customizable salad to freshly baked pizzas.  

Worried about over-spending once you arrive and see all the incredible treatments and healthy meals available?

You need not be, as the pricing at Canyon Ranch is all-inclusive, meaning that you can really just let go and focus on enjoying yourself.

Don’t want to travel all the way to Tucson?

Canyon Ranch now has a second location in Lenox, Massachusetts, as well as Spa Clubs around the country, making it easier than ever to book yourself in for a detox break. 

Hippocrates Health Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida

When it comes to detoxing at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, the program is much more structured than that of Canyon Ranch. Guests usually stay here for a minimum of one week and a maximum of three weeks, with orientation taking place every Sunday night. 

The daily routine that you will follow at this spa will be conceived based upon your blood test results, which are taken on a weekly basis. Activities include everything from morning group walks to salt water pool sessions to yoga and meditation, each of which will be chosen for you based on what your body, and mind, actually needs.

When it comes to detox, the resort offers a one-week detox and de-stress program, which will teach you a number of different skills, including:

  • Scanning your own body to release tension and stress
  • Medical qigong, to remove both physical and mental stagnation and pain
  • Working on your perception and creative responses to problems
  • Developing meditative awareness
  • Muscle resistance training
  • Mindfulness 

Teaching you how to properly care for yourself is a huge focus at this resort, and there are also a number of talks and lectures that you can attend that relate to this subject.

When it comes to food, the focus at the Hippocrates Health Institute is placed on raw food. This basically refers to foods that have not been cooked at a temperature higher than 115 degrees Fahrenheit, as this enables the food to retain the majority of its nutrients. A raw food buffet will be put out for you each mealtime, and will include items such as vegetables and beans to fresh sprouts.

Golden Door, Escondido, California

Escondido’s Golden Door spa is quite an exclusive one, admitting no more than 40 guests at a time, so that each one can enjoy a level of individual attention that other spas cannot offer.

Located just 40 minutes from north San Diego, the resort itself is situated in incredibly beautiful surroundings, with 600 acres of mountains, and 20 miles of hiking trails, right outside the door. As soon as you arrive, you will feel a sense of peace, not only because of the stunning nature all around you, but also because of the zen, Japanese-style layout that the spa features.

The majority of the rooms at this spa are single rooms, as everyone is encouraged to have their own space at night, even those who are visiting with a partner. The rooms are done up with plenty of stylish Japanese touches, and include a meditation area, a large bathtub, and five visits a day from housekeeping.

Wondering what your days here will consist of?

That all depends on the initial telephone interview that you will have with the spa before arriving. Based on your answers, the spa will put together a suggested itinerary for each day, although you do have the freedom to swap certain activities depending on your own personal preferences. Activities include everything from morning hikes to spinning and dance classes, and each guest also enjoys four sessions with a personal trainer.

The actual spa here will also no doubt be one of the highlights of your stays, thanks to the diverse range of offerings on the treatment menu. From massages and detox body wraps to facials and manicures, each treatment is designed to really boost your sense of well-being.

While the food that the Golden Door serves up is healthy and nourishing, there is plenty of it, along with mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks to ensure that you are never feeling too peckish. The majority of the organic produce that the spa serves up is actually grown on-site, meaning that the food that you eat will be fresh and seasonal.

Red Mountain Resort, Ivins, Utah

There are many factors that set the Red Mountain Resort apart from other detox spas, and one of these is its location. The resort is set within the Snow Canyon State Park, with its vivid red rock cliffs providing an unforgettable backdrop. 

There are several different program packages to choose from, with everything from emotional fitness retreats to self-care retreats. These encompass everything from acupuncture and biopuncture to nutrition assessments and experts available to calculate your individual caloric needs.

Curious about the spa?

The resort’s surroundings play a huge part in its spa offerings, with native ingredients and techniques used wherever possible. Inspired by ancient health rituals, many of the spa’s treatments are exclusive to the resort, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Here are a few of the treatments that you can look forward to:

  • The Soothing Agave Ritual, which makes use of sea salt, a cactus gel wrap, and agave nectar oil
  • The Salt Glow, which is a salt scrub that makes use of fossilized Utah salt
  • The Lavender Hydrating Cocoon, which makes use of local red clay, full of unique minerals

Of course, using nature indoors is one thing, but, with such beautiful surroundings, it only makes sense to make the most of the great outdoors at the Red Mountain Resort too. The moderate climate here means that you can enjoy the state park around you throughout the year, whether you hike, bike, or go on a photography excursion.

When it comes to staying physically and mentally healthy, the Red Mountain Resort recognizes the importance of food, and nutritional knowledge. In order to help you with this, the resort provides cooking classes and demonstrations for guests, helping to change the way in which they think about food. 

Wondering where you will be sleeping?

You have two choices…

The first is one of the villas, which are arranged around a negative-edge swimming pool and whirlpool. Each villa is decked out with eco-friendly décor, as well as views that overlook the red mountains. Alternatively, you can stay at one of the resort’s deluxe rooms, which offer all of the amenities that a luxury hotel room would, complete with deep soak tubs and fluffy robes.

The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa, Fairfield, Iowa

The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa has won numerous awards over the years, thanks to its dedicated focus on Maharishi Ayurveda, a natural wellness system that has been practised for over 5000 years. 

The resort’s building is a grand one, inspired by ancient Vedic architecture, featuring a French country-style mansion set within 100 acres of lush, green grounds. This is the only facility of its kind outside of India, making it a must-visit for those interested in Ayurveda.

The programs offered at the Raj have all been developed alongside Ayurveda experts from India, who use original classic texts to create treatments of the highest integrity.

Wondering what a day at the resort would be like?

Here is an example:

  • Mornings begin with a meeting with an Ayurveda Health Consultant, who uses ancient diagnostic techniques, which have still been acknowledged by the World Health Organization, to determine the levels of balance within the body
  • You will be recommended a treatment that will last for a couple of hours, based on the results of above
  • Mealtimes can be either solitary or with other guests, with a low-fat, organic vegetarian diet provided
  • Free time can be spent doing everything from yoga to learning more about Ayurveda to taking a walk along a forest trail
  • In the evenings, a lecture by a guest speaker is hosted, followed by some hot spiced milk and Vedic music before bed

Wondering how long to stay for?

A week or two is ideal, but, if you do not have the extra time to spare, the resort also offers a day spa program, which consists of:

  • An Ayurveda wellness consultant
  • An oil massage
  • A relaxation treatment
  • An anti-stress massage
  • A ten-step facial
  • A meal at the Raj Restaurant

Mii Amo, Sedona, Arizona

Mii Amo is set within the breathtaking Boynton Canyon, with its Red Rocks symbolizing all of the healing that the spa does. This is an incredibly exclusive spa resort, taking in no more than 16 guests at a time.

All of the packages offered here are fully customizable, meaning that you can tailor your detox to take place in whichever way you desire. Each package focuses on a specific “journey”, whether this may be de-stressing, physical health, healing the soul, or spiritual exploration.

There are a range of different treatments and massages on offer, as well as yoga and meditation sessions. For those who do not enjoy group classes, private sessions can be booked, no matter your skill level.

When it comes to your meals…

These are all served up by the Mii Amo Café, which offers private seating as well as community-style tables for guests who want to socialize. The exhibition-style kitchen is perfect for picking up some cooking tips, although cooking classes are also on offer for those who want to learn more about how to improve their diet. The menus are varied, and include fresh vegetables, meats and seafood, all sourced in a sustainable way.

There are 16 guest rooms and suites available, with their amenities including:

  • Private patios or balconies
  • Minibar and coffee maker
  • Bathrobe and sandals
  • Bathrooms filled with spa-amenities and extra-deep soaking tubs
  • Beehive fireplaces
  • Whirlpools and outdoor showers
  • Private massage areas 

Sound tempting?

This is a spa that is open year-round, but, due to its exclusivity, you may need to book quite far in advance.

While there are many ways in which you can detox at home, it is always nice to treat yourself, and make the detox process run much more efficiently. Whether you do this surrounded by the Red Rocks of Sedona or the mountains of Escondido, these spa resorts will definitely ensure that your detox is a success.

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