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What You’ll See on a Stanley, Hong Kong Walking Tour

//What You’ll See on a Stanley, Hong Kong Walking Tour

One of the oldest villages on Hong Kong Island, Stanley’s history dates all the way back to the Ming Dynasty, between 1573 and 1620. With this in mind, it will come as no surprise that the area is rich in heritage and culture, and a walking tour is the best way to really experience all that Stanley has to offer.

Stanley Market
Stanley Market is considered to be the hub of the Stanley area, and is also one of the most popular street markets in Hong Kong. Open daily, this market is known for its wide range of goods, from clothing to antiques to toys, and caters to both Asian and Western customers.

Stanley Promenade
Once you have explored all of the offerings at Stanley Market, keep walking along the Stanley Promenade, heading towards the Waterfront Mart. This boardwalk is always full of energy and life, with restaurants, caf├ęs, and benches situated along the way, so that you can rest and watch the fishing boats sail past.

Murray House, Stanley

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Murray House
One of the oldest surviving buildings in Hong Kong, Murray House was originally built in 1846, but was dismantled in 1982 due to all of the land reclamation activities that were going on around it. This was done extremely carefully, stone by stone, meaning that when the government wanted to resurrect Murray House in 1998, this was done in just a few years. The atmosphere here is wonderfully historic and romantic, thanks to the building’s colonial architecture, and heavy stone walls, and this is often a popular spot for photoshoots.

Stanley Piazza
Just after Murray House is Stanley Piazza, which is home to a number of different al-fresco dining options. In addition to this, the piazza also boasts a stylish amphitheater, which is a popular gathering spot on the weekends, and is also used to host regular events, from concerts to shows.

Stanley Plaza

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Stanley Plaza
Stanley Plaza, which is what you’ll come across after Stanley Piazza, is a newly redesigned building that is a great venue for a spot of shopping. From book stores to speciality food stores to beauty services, this six-story mall is definitely worth a browse.

Stanley Ma Hang Park
Located just behind Murray House, Stanley Ma Hang Park is a city park that is built into the cliffside and sprawls out for around 50,000 square meters. To access the park, there is a steep boardwalk that you have to climb, but the effort is more than worth it. From a butterfly garden to bird watching platforms to a heritage corner, this is a great spot at which to spend a sunny afternoon.

Repulse Bay Beach

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Repulse Bay Beach
While not technically in Stanley, Repulse Bay Beach is only a short walk away, and is the perfect place to wind down your walking tour. The beach itself is wide with soft golden sand, and boasts a relaxed vibe, as well as gorgeous ocean views.

Stanley is an effervescent and diverse area of Hong Kong, and walking is really the best way to explore it. From the historic Murray House to the lush Stanley Ma Hang Park, these are just a few of the sights that you will see on a Stanley Hong Kong walking tour.

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