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Visit Universal Studios Singapore

//Visit Universal Studios Singapore

Situated on Singapore’s Sentosa Island, Universal Studios Singapore opened to the public in 2010, making it the first Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia. Occupying just under 50 acres of land, a serene lagoon is the focal point of the park, which is then surrounded by seven themed zones, each based on a particular movie or television show, and filled with unique attractions and entertainment.

Ancient Egypt
The 1930’s were considered to be the golden age of Egyptian exploration, and the Universal Studios’ Ancient Egypt zone brings this period back to life. The most popular ride here is the Revenge of the Mummy, which is an indoor roller coaster that puts visitors face-to-face with unraveling mummies and scarab beetles. There is also a Treasure Hunters section aimed at children, who can drive their own Jeep through an abandoned Egyptian excavation site. Round up your journey through Ancient Egypt with a visit to the Oasis Spice Café, where you can sample a range of traditional Middle Eastern specialties.

The Lost World
Jurassic Park fans will absolutely love the Lost World zone, which is divided into two sections; Jurassic Park and WaterWorld. The latter, based on the blockbuster film of the same name, is an exciting live water show that features everything from unbelievable water-based stunts to underwater explosions. The Lost World section boasts a number of different rides, from the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, which takes visitors on a journey through some primeval dinosaur habitats, to the Canopy Flyer, which provides a birds-eye view, or a dinosaur-eye view, of Jurassic Park.

Sci-Fi City
Sci-Fi City feels like an intergalactic wonderland, and has some truly exciting rides. Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs CYLON, is the tallest dueling rollercoaster in the world, and features intertwined coasters that race, twist and drop around each other. There are also some great futuristic dining options here, such as the StarBot Café, which serves up Asian cuisine, and Stardots, where visitors can try some molecular ice cream.

New York
The bright lights and soaring skyline of New York in its post-modernization era have been replicated at the Universal Studios Singapore in their New York zone, and offers up plenty of Big Apple fun. Sesame Street is everywhere here, from the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase ride to the Sesame Street Stage Shows to the Sesame Street Meet and Greet to the Sesame Street Character Breakfast. Of course, one of the highlights of the city of New York is the food, and visitors are able to sample some of that here, at the Irish-American pub KT’s Bar and Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor.

While the Universal Studios Singapore is bound to provide hours of fun no matter which day you visit, there are special events held on certain weekends that could make your visit even more memorable. The Hollywood Dreams Parade is where you will see all of your favorite characters brought to life, while the Lake Hollywood Spectacular is a fireworks extravaganza set to a toe-tapping soundtrack, providing the perfect end to the day.

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