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Top Spots for Coffee Lovers in Barcelona

//Top Spots for Coffee Lovers in Barcelona

When it comes to coffee, Spanish cities have been hugely influenced by Italy and the Mediterranean, embracing the tradition of strong, short coffees inspired by the Italian espresso. Nevertheless, whether it be hot and steamy or cold and iced, long filtered or cold brewed, Barcelona is a coffee haven, and has recently seen a whole new generation of coffee connoisseurs opening up shop in the city.

Nomad Coffee Productions
Tucked away in one of El Born’s winding passageways, Nomad Coffee Productions is considered by the locals to be a relaxing coffee oasis. Nomad began as a market stall in London, with the founder of the company trained by Nude Espresso in London. Nomad has only been open in Barcelona for over a year, and a huge emphasis is placed on the flavor of coffee alone, without any added milk or sugar. The coffee is purchased directly from small importers and growers, with each batch being only recently harvested to ensure the finest flavor.

Satan’s Coffee Corner
Satan’s Coffee Corner first appeared in Barcelona in 2012, as a takeaway counter inside a gift shop. However, it now has its very own space in the heart of the Barri Gotic neighborhood, and even has a restaurant that dishes up healthy, international cuisine that complements the flavors of the coffee being served. All coffee beans have been selected at their origin, and while the menu may be simple and concise, there are other drinks available on request. The café also sells a selection of independent magazines, as well as plants and limited edition prints.

Skye Coffee
Situated in a sleek multidisciplinary building in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, Skye Coffee is another coffee company that has only recently opened their doors in Barcelona, but it wasn’t long before it attracted a regular crowd of coffee lovers. The coffee beans are mainly provided by Right Side Roasters, but international roasters are also being increasingly utilized, from Workshop Coffee in London to Café Grumpy in New York City. Fresh pastries are served every day, provided by a local bakery, making it the ideal spot to stop and relax for a quick caffeine pick-me-up.

Onna Coffee
The owner of Onna Coffee opened her first café in Costa Rica at the early age of 17, after which it became the country’s first internet café. Now, Onna Coffee serves up the same delicious Costa Rican blends to not only the whole of Spain, but also the entire European Union. The company is a roaster, with all beans coming directly from Costa Rica, and they are also in the wholesale business of selling coffee beans, so you can be sure that the coffee you drink at Onna is always top-notch. In addition to its coffee, Onna also serves up fresh pastries and hand-crafted sandwiches, with firm plans in place to soon extend the kitchen and therefore expand the menu.

Barcelona really does have some fantastic spots for coffee lovers. With specially selected beans and traditional coffee-making techniques, any coffee that you order from one of these cafés is sure to be one of the most perfectly-balanced caffeine kicks that you will have ever tasted.

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