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Top Food Tours in Mexico

//Top Food Tours in Mexico

Mexico’s culinary heritage is so spectacularly rich and diverse that even UNESCO considers it to be a treasure to humankind. From the local knowledge of food to the traditional culinary techniques used, Mexico will truly delight your taste buds. If you would like to make this unique cuisine the focus of some of your time in the country, OROGOLD has put together a list of some of the top food tours in Mexico.

Oaxaca Custom Culinary Tour
Oaxaca Culinary Tours offer custom food tours of Oaxaca, allowing you to convey your personal interests before tour suggestions are made, ensuring that each part of the tour is of interest to you. From demonstrations of the age-old method of making tamales to cooking classes taught by world-renowned local chefs, this tour can be packed with variety, making every step of it exciting. You will also have the opportunity to visit rural Mexican markets, as well as choose from some very special dining experiences, be it a meal at one of Oaxaca’s best restaurants, a unique and unforgettable roadside snack, or a traditional dinner at the home of a rural Zapotec family.

Mexico City Chocolate Indulgence
Mexico is the home of chocolate, and this ingredient has been a significant part of Mexican history. The Mexico City Chocolate Indulgence Tour runs in the mornings, and begins with a visit to Cafe Tabuca to learn all about mole, one of the country’s most famous sauces, and something that you should not leave Mexico without trying. You will then be able to visit an artisan ‘chocolateria’ to taste modern takes on traditional Mexican chocolate. After this, you will visit the Chocolate Museum, before enjoying a three-course lunch at Azul Condesa, where you will be served dishes that make use of this native ingredient in extremely different ways. This is definitely a food tour that OROGOLD would recommend for any chocolate lovers out there!

Culinary Secrets of the Centro Historico
Centro Historico is located in Mexico City, and is a must-visit for any foodies visiting the city. Culinary Backstreets have paired up with Eat Mexico to offer a fantastic walking tour of Mexico City’s back streets, where the heart and soul of Mexican cuisine lie. You will be able to experience fresh tortillas being made from up-close, as well as sample some of the best seafood tostadas in town. Further into the neighborhood, you will be able to sample tlacoyos topped with cactus, made on a grill that has been propped up on the sidewalk. You will then attend an artisanal cheese tasting, followed by trying some pulque, a native Mexican alcoholic drink that dates back to pre-Hispanic times.

Mexico has some of the most exciting and flavorful food in the world, bursting with color, vibrancy and just the right amount of spice. From a food tour of Oaxaca, to learning all about chocolate, to experiencing the heart of traditional Mexican cuisine in the back streets of Mexico City, these food tours will give you a mouthwatering taste of what authentic Mexican cuisine has to offer.

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