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The Cold Beauty of the North

//The Cold Beauty of the North

When most people are asked to name the most beautiful place on Earth, they reach immediately for the tropics. White sand, countless exotic flowers, and the constantly shifting tapestry of tropical and foreign clothing. It is hard to blame anyone who has fond memories of lounging by clear Caribbean waters, but there is far more beauty in the world if you’re willing to bundle up a little to see it. OROGOLD has some tips on beautiful places in the world to visit if you’re feeling just a bit more adventurous and willing to accept that the day will end with warm drinks by a fire rather than fruity drinks by a pool.

Mt. Hood National Forest, USA
National parks tend to be overlooked by travelers because they seem passe or not terribly interesting. The fact is they are a good option for getting away from it all when you truly mean to do just that. Mt. Hood’s park offers a distinct, rustic feeling through its endless sea of evergreens. Much of the beauty of the area comes from the austere nature of the north-western wilderness. There is a timelessness to it that gives people a true sense of their place in the world as they look out over water to a cloud-shrouded Mt. Hood looming in the distance. While a camping or backpacking trip won’t suit everyone, the temperatures in Oregon are more forgiving than the other locations on the list, so it is at least an area to consider seeing once in your life.

Lofoten, Norway

Lofoten, Norway
Scandinavia is typically associated with its fjords and while there are so truly fantastic and beautiful ones available for you to visit in the region, OROGOLD has another recommendation. The Lofoten archipelago often gets forgotten when travelers pass through the country despite the fact it offers a truly unique experience. Through a combination of climate factors it is actually one of the few places in the arctic circle that rarely freezes. This strange combination of factors helps keep Røst Reef in healthy condition. Between being home to a truly dramatic landscape and the largest known deep water coral reef in the world, Lofoten offers a great deal to anyone seeking to find beauty in the colder parts of the world. Just remember that even with the area being surprisingly warm, it is still only surprisingly warm for its location in the world and you’ll still need to dressed warmly.

Mendenhall Ice Caves

Mendenhall Ice Caves, USA
While we’d typically venture to another country at this point, the Mendenhall Ice Caves in Alaska offer a unique and fading experience for anyone willing to put in a little effort. These caves are situated just outside of Juneau and at risk from global climate change. The area was originally simply known for the Mendenhall glacier itself, but intrepid explorers found out that with a little bit of climbing there were caves down into the depths of the glacier itself. The twisting and flowing ice caves offer adventurous travelers the ability to see what it looks like within a glacier. Stone flows into water flows into ice and make again throughout the caves in a truly otherworldly glimpse into the beauty that exists in nature.

These places are only a few of the cold gems of the world. Countless more lie scattered across the world. While visiting Lofoten, you could easily go to any number of the beautiful fjords in the region. The Mendenhall Ice Caves in Alaska and the Mt. Hood National Forest are geographically close to some of Canada’s more beautiful wilderness areas. OROGOLD encourages you to look around any region you’re visiting for further beautiful places in the world that get forgotten due to the cold. Maybe in doing so you’ll be the next one who can recommend a truly stunning location to a friend.

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