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The Charming Shops of Downtown Barrie

//The Charming Shops of Downtown Barrie

While Barrie may offer several different major shopping areas, Downtown Barrie is, without a doubt, the most exciting. From high end fashion to speciality foods, these are some of the charming shops that you will find in Downtown Barrie.

For those hoping to update their wardrobe, there are some fantastic boutiques to be found in Downtown Barrie. Janet Kemp Ladies Fashion stocks a number of exciting brands, with 75% of them being Canadian. From Frank Lyman to Cartise to Simon Chang, the selection here will appeal to a wide range of shoppers, and the personal shopping service offered is ideal for those who want some extra pampering. The ZuZu Fashion Boutique on Dunlop Street East is also worth stopping off at, as here you will find an eclectic mix of clothing from all over the world, including some exclusive Italian silk scarves.

Canada is known for its great outdoors, and if you need to pick up a few items for your next outdoor adventure, you will be able to find what you need in Downtown Barrie. The Tropical North Surf Shop is the best surf shop in the region, with everything from sports equipment to the latest in surf, skate and snow fashions. The Bait Bucket is another speciality outdoor store, this one focussing on an impressive selection of fishing gear and tackle, while Angie’s Outdoor store is home to just about everything you could possibly need for an outdoor adventure.

The Metzger Studio in Downtown Barrie is usually a popular stop for visitors, as they sell exclusive pieces of fine jewellery. With over 30 years of experience, the store collaborates with local jewellery artists to produce handmade pieces in sterling silver, meaning that if you are looking for a unique custom piece, this is the shop to speak to. Our House is another store that also sells jewellery and accessories, as well as a wide range of other items, from kitchenware to pottery to gourmet foods, and is a shop that you could definitely spend a few hours in just browsing around.

Speciality Foods

Speciality Foods
Downtown Barrie is home to a few one-of-a-kind speciality food shops, such as the Barrie Olive Oil Co. This store places a huge emphasis on the different varieties of olive oil, and stock over 50 different types for visitors to sample. These oils are all extra virgin, of the highest quality, and harvested from recent crops all over the world, resulting in everything from intensely white oils to dark balsamic blends. Not far away from here is the J’adore Fine Cheese and Chocolate boutique, where you will find over 100 varieties of cheese from around the globe, as well as a tantalizing range of artisan chocolates created in-house. Of course, visitors to Barrie should not forget about the weekly Barrie Farmers Market, which is held every Saturday throughout the year.

Downtown Barrie offers an exceptionally charming shopping experience, with independent boutiques that cannot be found elsewhere. From the beautiful craftsmanship at the Metzger Studio to the passion for quality at the Barrie Olive Oil Co, these you will definitely come away from your day of shopping with a number of one-of-a-kind finds.

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