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Stunning Natural Beauty in California

//Stunning Natural Beauty in California

California stretches up and down the west coast of the United States and encompasses a dizzying variety of nature as a result. From the alpine forests of the Sierra to the stark beauty of the southern California deserts, there always seems to be something to see and a new place to experience. People roam all of these areas looking for beautiful places. Almost everyone has at least heard of Lake Tahoe and the beauty of the waters that turned the lake into a resort area. Yosemite in the northern part of the state consistently receives attention as one of the finest parks in the country. OROGOLD would like to point you at some of the more beautiful places to visit. Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots and sunscreen though as some of these are a bit out-of-the-way.

Death Valley
This is a bit of an unconventional choice, but Death Valley is beautiful for what it is. The outright hostile terrain creates some truly gorgeous sights not visible anywhere else. Sunlight across the salt flats serves the create an eerie, but haunting view of what the harshest places on Earth can look like. Stones move across the valley floor thanks to freezing and thawing in the cold desert nights and leave paths across the sands that make it look as if they move when no one is looking. Death Valley offers a glimpse of the visceral side of nature with its austere beauty. While exploring the area, be sure to carry extra water and try to stick to designated paths. Its name isn’t ironic in the least and getting lost is not something you want to experience.

Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park
You can’t visit California without seeing the redwoods. As some of the largest trees on Earth, the trees make up a truly distinct part of California’s beauty. Their height recalls a distant time when everything was larger and the trees fit right now. Now their sheer age and size make them true marvels of the nature world. The park itself has regular updates on conditions that would affect visitors to the park as well as offering various ways to interact with the rangers that roam and help protect the land. Organized campsites exist for those who want to experience the park is a controlled fashion, but you remain free to strike out along one of the back country paths and find your own campsite to experience the majesty of the old growth forest.

Sierra National Forest

Sierra National Forest
Another option for getting away from it all is the Sierra National Forest. It is technically divided into several wilderness areas, but each one often encompasses more than one type of environment for you to explore. It acts as a dramatic example of the variability of California itself. You can go from lower foothills all the way up into the mountains themselves where snow remains on the ground throughout the year due to the altitude. Various paths exist as well as recommended locations to see within the boundaries of the park. While you may not be constantly dwarfed by redwoods here, it remains just as capable of otherworldly beauty.

These locations are all parks for a reason. They encompass highly varied terrain most of the time that is ripe for exploration. Countless hidden or easily missed sights away intrepid adventurers looking to make their own memories of the beauty that California holds. OROGOLD heartily recommends going to any of these places, but we also encourage you to ask a ranger or guide about any particularly beautiful locations. Their jobs are to know the parks and they will certainly know of specific places others might not.

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