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Preparing for an Oceanarium Visit

//Preparing for an Oceanarium Visit

Oceanariums are always a popular stop when visiting a new destination, as they showcase the diversity of that location’s native marine life. In the Philippines, Manila Ocean Park was the first marine theme park in the country and continues to be a world-class attraction with a number of different marine-related attractions. From learning about the animals that you will be seeing to planning your route around the park, here are some ways in which you can prepare for your oceanarium visit.

Main Oceanarium
The Oceanarium at the Manila Ocean Park is considered to be one of the best in the world, mostly due to its incredible size and diversity. Home to over 14,000 creatures from around 277 species, every animal in the Oceanarium is native to either the Philippines or Southeast Asia. When visiting the Oceanarium, you will first be taking a walk through its seven main sections, before reaching the 220-degree curved walkway tunnel, that offers a unique perspective into this underwater wonderland. The 1900 cubic meters of water in the Oceanarium is seawater that comes from Manila Bay, but has been specially filtered to ensure that it is a suitable habitat for the marine life that lives within it.

Other Attractions
While the Oceanarium may be the main star of the Manila Ocean Park, there are other attractions worth checking out if you are paying it a visit. Trails to Antarctica is the Philippines’ first penguin park and features a walk-through exhibit that will teach you all about this magical frozen continent. The Aquanaut Voyage is another unforgettable experience that you can have at the park, providing visitors with a special diving helmet that allows them to walk underwater and interact with the marine creatures. The Jellies Exhibit is where you will see a number of these beautiful transparent creatures, while the Glass Bottom Boat Ride is ideal for those who want to experience the marine environment without actually having to get wet in the process.

Planning Your Route
The Manila Ocean Park offers a number of different animal “encounters” throughout the day at certain times, and if there are any that you are hoping to see, it would be worth planning your route in accordance with the Encounters schedule. One of the Encounters that is most worth making time for is the Sharks and Rays Encounter, where you can swim around with these creatures and truly experience an intimate and close-up encounter. For those that are planning to spend the entire day at the park, there are several different dining options that you can choose from, such as the Chinoy comfort food at North Park, the quality dim sum at Siomai Kid Bistro, and the casual fine dining venue Uncle Ray’s Brick Oven Pizzeria.

Visiting an oceanarium is a great way to learn more about the marine life that is native to your location and have the opportunity to see these colorful and fascinating creatures up-close. From the powerful sharks to the waddling penguins, Manila Ocean Park promises a fun day out for both children as well as adults.

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