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OROGOLD Examines What Your Airport Style Says About You – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Examines What Your Airport Style Says About You – ORO GOLD Reviews

There are eight different types of fliers out there. There are those fashionable fliers who like to travel with the perfect luggage, the attention seekers whose luggage can be distinguished from a distance, the celebrity fliers who really don’t need any introduction, the practical ones, the obsessive fliers, the disorganized ones who fumble through security checks with everything falling here and there, the nervous fliers and the workaholic fliers. You might not have realized this, but your airport style and your carry ons can say a lot about you? OROGOLD reviews what your airport style and your carry on says about you in this article. 

The Attention Seeking Flier

Zebra stripes and leopard prints can be found on the conveyor belts of most major airports. Most attention seeking travelers prefer to use these items to stand out in the crowd. They are usually the noisy ones who will hold the queue for ages while they search for their passports or dash off to get some coffee during boarding. They’re the ones you would want to avoid travelling with in the first place. However, you might also end up joining in all the fun because of all the attention and commotion that they create everywhere they go.

The Disorganized Flier

Disorganized fliers are all too common at airports. These people have a tendency of being messy and forgetting where they kept their travel itineraries, their boarding passes or their passports. You can expect to wait for a while they fumble through their luggage searching for their passports at their security checks. Disorganized fliers can be quite annoying, but they can also be extremely amusing.

The Practical Flier

Choosing things that are more practical and less stylish are the trademarks of a practical flier. These travelers are unashamed of their lifestyles and they prefer to do things in the most practical manner, irrespective of the impression it creates. They don’t like to be pinned down in a place and try to shy away from commitment and responsibility. They love to go wherever their journeys take them and they always have a tendency to be tactless.

The Fashionable Flier 

Whether there’s a major fashion week in town or its just one of those days, you can expect these travelers to be all about style. They believe that the most important travel items are luxury necessities that exude a great feel. The fashionable flier is not always known to be practical and can end up becoming borderline obsessive as well. But, if you want to stay abreast of the latest fashions, they’re the people to look up to.

The Celebrity Flier

From Victoria Beckham and Madonna to Karl Lagerfeld and Kim Kasdashian, you can expect these celebrities to roam around the airport with a trolley full of designer trunks. For most of these passengers, their luggage defines their achievements and they believe that all economy class passengers should stay away while they walk through the aisle in style. They’re usually the ones who love to show that they’re rich and famous and are the ones to be close to if you want every eye at the airport to fall upon you.

The Nervous Flier

Nervous fliers need all sorts of accessories to get through the entire ordeal of flying. They are amongst the first to hide their face under their hats the moment turbulence hits and they always prefer to zone out between their headphones during the flight. They are most likely to travel along with carry ons that fit under the front seat to have easy access to all their items and are unlikely to open their seat belts, even when the seat belt sign is not illuminated.  

The Workaholic Flier

For the workaholic flier, it is all about efficiency. They prefer to have their laptops and glasses close to them to avoid hassles. They love to have a muted style which makes it very clear that they don’t feel the need to be flashy. They are famous for being determined and focused and love to enjoy a power nap on the flight or pass the time catching up on work.

The Obsessive Flier

They have never ever missed a flight in their entire life and they love being at the airport. They are most likely to be the only ones to show up with an extra battery and a fully charged Smartphone.

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