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OROGOLD Guide to First Class Travel – OROGOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Guide to First Class Travel – OROGOLD Reviews

This OROGOLD Guide to First Class Travel is an ode to our “Luxury Leisure Theme” as it sings praises for the delicious cuisines, spacious lounges and flat-bed suites that First Class Travel has to offer. However, like most other things in life, first class has also suffered drastically because of the impacts of commercial air travel. OROGOLD finds that true first class has become increasingly difficult to find as more and more airplanes switch to the two-cabin models that include a business cum first class hybrid instead of that all elusive first class. In fact, true first class is only found on long haul international flights and it also attracts a huge premium over business class.

Despite the premium prices and notions that the only differences that the modern day first class has to offer is in terms of the cabin, OROGOLD finds that there is still a sense of luxury that is involved with flying in first class. A number of the top international carriers such as the Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Etihad and Singapore Airlines have actually upped the ante when it comes to offering travelers an authentic first class experience by converting the seats to a semi-enclosed compartment that is the closest thing to a hotel room that you’re going to get in the air.

And it’s not just about the cabins. First class travel also offers you with all sorts of exclusive amenities such as gourmet meals, on-ground privileges which range form expedited customs and security clearances and luxury lounges to chauffeured transportation. Given the emphasis that is now being placed on first class travel by travelers from all over the globe, OROGOLD decided to review the best first class features that various airlines offer you with when you travel first class.

The Checking In Experience

Many airlines offer you pickup services by sending a town car to your place of residence. Airline porters take your bags from the car itself and wait for you while you clear your expedited security checks. You are then taken to a special lounge which is reserved for business and first class passengers who can directly board the plane from the lounge.

The Pre-flight Experience

Most business and first class lounges at the top international airports are extremely luxurious. They offer you with all sorts of delights, they’re spacious and clean and there’s great food and drinks. Some airports have an even more exclusive first class lounge as well.

The Suite Experience

Things become different when it comes to the cabin. Some airlines have started to offer their customers with semi-enclosed suites that are the closest things to hotel rooms on a plane. On the other hand, some airlines prefer to make their first class suites more spacious and comfortable. You might feel the need to carry along magazines and iPods along with you for the long flight, but you need to understand that a first class suite is like your own bedroom. Plus, the airline takes care of all your whims and fancies.

The Amenities

Finally, the amenity kit that the first class offers is amazing. It offers you with everything that you could possibly need on the flight – right from pyjamas to a brush comb.

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