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OROGOLD Brings You the Most Exclusive Clubs of the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Brings You the Most Exclusive Clubs of the World – ORO GOLD Reviews

If you are one of those who want to feel classy and privileged, it’s joining an exclusive club that you are after. Unlike those normal clubs that you can join in by paying an annual fee, not everyone can join in an elite club. OROGOLD offers more details on the most exclusive clubs of the world.

So, who are elite clubs for?

Exclusive clubs are those that service to only a small group of selected people. The memberships are, of course, not being easy to attain. The clubs are an elite place and being a member of such a place is a matter of prestige in itself. OROGOLD brings to you the most exclusive clubs from around the world which are a legend in themselves.

The Hurlingham Club, London

History buffs will be excited to know that King Edward VII used to visit this club for pigeon shooting. This club is known for offering superb sporting and first class social facilities to members. However, there is a surprising wait of 15 years for a current member to pass on or resign before anyone can become a non-voting member. Another 15 years would be needed to be considered for voting membership.

The Clubhouse, Buenos Aires

This beautifully decorated and designed club has a fee of $750 per year. It is considered to be a haven for sophisticated party people who love to have a great time. It has exotic hotel rooms, original works by Andy Warhol and a superb steak restaurant.

Interior of exclusive luxury club

Kee Club, Hong Kong

Most members of this club join it through referrals and once a member gets in, he is given access to all the unique events that are held with big celebrities such as Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan, Sting, Mick Jagger and many more. The annual fee for this club is $2,579 per year while a lifetime membership costs $6,448.

Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo

The membership of this club is by invitation only. As of April 2014, this club’s waiting period for consideration of membership is around 8 months. The annual fee for this club is $672 along with a registration fee of $663.

Capital Club, Dubai, U.A.E.

This club is considered to be Middle East’s premier private business club and the membership is given by invitation only. An applicant must be recommended by at least 2 of the present club members. It is said that some of the biggest global business deals have been signed at this very club.

The Club at the Ivy, London

This is a great place to spot celebrities as members of this club include Elton John, George Michael and Tom Cruise. The engagement party of Victoria and David Beckham was held at this club. The annual fee of this club $840 while the registration fee is $2,015.

Silencio, Paris

This is a cultural club that is dedicated to concerts and artistic events and follows a very strict members recruiting policy. A person who has a powerful commitment to their work field and is creative in his profession is only accepted in this club. The annual fee of this club is $2,235 which is inclusive of deluxe concierge service.

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