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Nightlife in Malta

//Nightlife in Malta

Malta’s nightlife scene has always been buzzing, but it still seems to be better and better each year. From open air nightclubs to sleek and stylish lounges, here are some of the highlights of the nightlife in Malta.

Gianpula Village
The largest open air complex on the island, Gianpula Village is the go-to nightlife destination in Malta in the summer months. Stretching out for 30 acres, this complex has been operating since 1980, and features several of Malta’s hottest nightclubs all in one destination. From Club Phoenix to Groove Gardens to The Vault, the nightlife options here are amongst some of the best on the island, and include everything from gardens to swimming pools to champagne huts, making it no surprise that Gianpula Village is always filled with life in the evenings.

Numero Uno
Numero Uno is another of the island’s open air nightclubs, but is known for having the largest outdoor dance floor in Malta. Located in Central Malta, in the Ta Qali’s Crafts Village, the club can be found right in the center of a field, meaning that it is able to extend for quite a distance. The main area of the club features four large bars, and this is where you will hear mostly commercial and R&B music. However, for those that have more eclectic musical tastes, there are smaller parts of the club that play a wider range of music, such as the chill-out section that plays alternative rock on Saturdays.

St. Julian’s
St. Julian’s is a small town with a humble fishing background, and while it has definitely developed over the years, it has still managed to retain quite the traditional charm. While the majority of Malta’s popular nightlife spots are constantly filled with a frenetic energy, the venues at St. Julian’s are slightly more laid back and relaxed. Playa del Sol, which is sandwiched between Spinola Bay and Balluta Bay, is a great venue to spend some time at, both during the day as well as the night, while the Havana Club is the place to go if you want to immerse yourself in soul and hip-hop music. Also in St. Julian’s is The Scotsman Pub, which is one of the last few remaining genuine pubs in Malta, and always has a friendly, down-to-earth, ambience.

Located to the west of St. Julian’s, only a five minute walk away, Paceville is an area that boasts the largest concentration of bars, clubs and restaurants in Malta, and attracts quite a diverse crowd. Sky Club is one of the highlights here, as this is one of the island’s largest indoor clubs, while the BarCelona Lounge is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy a few drinks, without the heaving energy of a club. There are also a number of more unique venues here, such as Smooth Jazz, which is known for being one of the only jazz clubs in Malta, as well as the Nordic Bar, which is Scandinavian-themed and always plenty of fun.

The nightlife in Malta is definitely varied, and, thanks to all of the outdoor nightclubs here, the nightlife scene is able to change along with the seasons. From dancing away summer nights under the stars to making the most of the sleek indoor clubs in the winter months, Malta is a destination that is able to boast a spectacular nightlife scene throughout the year.

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