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OROGOLD Reviews by Dr. David I. Amato

//OROGOLD Reviews by Dr. David I. Amato



My first experience with OROGOLD was a visit to the store at Century City mall in Los Angeles. When I walked past the attractive cosmetics boutique I was offered a sample of one of the skin creams. I opened it up, used some on my hands and really enjoyed the fragrance and the texture of the cream so I decided to go in and check it out. At first I was a little put off by the aggressive tactics of the employees. I like to browse and take my time while not feeling pressured to buy something right away. However, one man observed my frustration and swiftly invited me into the private VIP salon for a complimentary facial. How could I say no? I laid back in the comfortable leather bed and was educated about all the different options they have for skin care.

OROGOLD products are some of the finest in the world of luxury skin care. OROGOLD Cosmetics fuse east and west as the company combines gold, the jewel of ancient beauty, with the highest quality ingredients produced through modern research.  Gold has been used in medicine for thousands of years on record. Everyone from the ancient Egyptian and Mayan cultures to modern Chinese and American civilizations utilize gold in the practice of medicine and healing. The use of gold ranges from the legendary golden face masks of Cleopatra to the golden acupuncture needle of the Far East to the gold enhanced radiation and chemotherapy found in modern medicine.

I was certainly impressed by his knowledge, especially considering he did not know I am a doctor of natural medicine. I liked that he also explained the importance of caring for one’s skin whether or not one is concerned with beauty or vanity. The skin is the largest organ system in the body and uses a lot of the body’s precious resources to maintain its integrity. The less you care for your skin, the harder your body has to work to maintain moisture levels and protective elements. In contrast, one who is already deficient in blood and energy, like many of my patients, will have these resources moved away from the skin in order ensure that all of the vital organs such as the heart and kidneys, have enough supply to maintain vital function. In such individuals, the skin will be more prone to issues such as roughness and dryness.

It is very important to increase consumption of healthy foods and herbs and it is equally important to enhance the look of your skin with nourishing and high-quality products. Our skin or integumentary system is the first line of defense in our body. Maintaining healthy skin helps our body defend against numerous antigens including, bacteria, viruses, fungus, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. High-quality skin care products can help to seal the integument and lock in the body’s own resources, blood, pigment, moisture, oils, and most importantly vital healing energy or Qi. Oriental medicine teaches that Qi is the greatest resource in our bodies. Qi has several functions and one of the most crucial is our Wei Qi or immune system function. The harder the Wei Qi must work to protect the exterior of our bodies, the less effective it will be in defending our whole system, leading to imbalance, illness, and disease.

In spite of all the benefits offered by a proper skin care regimen with the right products, like those from OROGOLD, the most sought after benefit remains beautiful looking skin. Keeping your skin nourished and healthy will help you look younger and feel more beautiful as you age gracefully. These are the kind of results I was searching for myself, so when I finished my complimentary facial at OROGOLD, I asked the salesperson what would be the best products for me to take home. He recommended the Men’s Collection Facial Cleanser and Daily Moisturizer to use daily and the Vitamin C Facial Serum to use weekly.

UPDATE: 04/30/2014 – Dr David Amato’s OROGOLD Deep peeling experience

After my great experience with OROGOLD I was eager to come back again. Now I am writing to update everyone on my experience with the OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling. After the harsh winter months, my skin was feeling a little dry and flaky, so I went back to OROGOLD Century City for some help. I went back for another personal consultation with one of their beauty advisers. Upon discussion, we agreed that an OROGOLD Deep Peeling product would be perfect for my skin. As a herbalist, I know how important it is to intake the right balance of nutrients for our body to work well. Even though I am careful about keeping a healthy diet and taking the correct supplements, there are times when my skin needs something more! I trust the quality ingredients that OROGOLD uses in all their products to help in such a situation. After my great experience with OROGOLD last time, I knew they were the right place to turn for help. During my last visit, I was treated to a complimentary facial and this time was no exception either.

After we decided on the OROGOLD Deep Peeling during my consultation, one of the beauty advisers proceeded to apply it to my skin during my facial. I could almost feel my skin being exfoliated and my pores being cleaned out. I love the personalized consultations because the staff really take the time to explain each product. During my facial, they also explained how to use the OROGOLD Deep Peeling, so when I take it home it will be easy for me to replicate the results. Since going in, I have been using the peeling product once a week at home, and I am very happy with the results. The rough and dry patches of my skin are fading away. Seeing positive results makes me look forward to having my skin completely returned to its soft and smooth usual self. Thanks again OROGOLD for the 24K Deep Peeling and for the demonstration on how to use OROGOLD Deep Peeling at home.

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