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Ann from Century City

//Ann from Century City



Ok Sean at Orogold in Century City is the bomb. He was so super nice when I went into the store a couple months ago. I felt like he was holding my hand as he took me around the store explaining all about Orogold. I told him about how dry my skin was especially since it was winter. He really took time to explain the different collections… he asked me lots of questions about my skin.

At first I was a little annoyed I didn’t know what he was asking me so many questions no other skin place ever has asked so many questions. But in the end now I know why he was doing it. He needed to get the most info about my skin so he can tell me what the best products for me are. i realized that dry skin was not the only thing I should pay attention to. I am in my 30s and its time to pay attention to my age. I don’t want to get old and wrinkly. I try to look good for my husband. Sean told me it is a good time to start my “anti aging routine” so I don’t get wrinkles so fast.

He told me how denise Richards the spokes person for Orogold loves termica collection. He recommended for me to try termica also. I bought the termica mask. I liked it so much I told my husband to buy me the whole collection as a present. I am really enjoying using it. I feel like my skin looks good plus I just enjoy using the products every time. Whenever I put them on I close my eyes and pretend I am at the spa or remember how nice I felt during my facial sean gave me. Thank you Orogold I would love to purchase more soon! I will be going back to sean to check out more different lines and products.

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