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Christina P from Orlando, FL

//Christina P from Orlando, FL



When I see salespeople pulling people into stores I usually avoid them like the plague. I am not that kind of shopper. I am not ready to commit. I like to browse. I like to pick up products and look at them and feel them out. I don’t like salespeople giving me their pitches. I don’t even want them to talk to me unless I need something. So for a long time I avoided the Orogold stores. I thought that if salespeople were going out of their way to get people into the stores rather than waiting for them to come in naturally than there must be something wrong.

One day while shopping with my mom she convinced me to go inside. She loves trying new skin care products and companies. She was so excited to try a new and luxurious seeming skin care brand that she bought me some also. I never expected to love the products so much. Of course my mom and I have different skin issues but that’s why Orogold is so awesome, they cater to everyone. She got stuff that is more for anti-aging cuz she feels like her wrinkles are getting very noticeable (they’re not, but I guess that’s how you start feeling when you turn 50!).

For myself I need something to fade the marks left over by my adult acne. I really don’t understand how I had such great skin as a teenager and then in my 20s I got acne, but that’s another issue. I’ve been using bio brightening solution that Alex at the store recommended me, for a couple of weeks now and I’m really enjoying it. I check the mirror at least on a daily basis to measure the changes. I thought it was in my head so I had to ask my boyfriend just to make sure. He said the difference is for sure noticeable. Now I want to get more collection to help my skin get even better. Hopefully my boyfriend will notice the hints I’ve been dropping and buys me some.

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