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Luxury Spa Treatments Around the World

//Luxury Spa Treatments Around the World

The term luxury strikes images into our minds of spas, shopping, gourmet food, and the good life. Luxury spa treatments are no exception. Many different countries throughout the world offer luxurious spa treatments some of us have never even dreamt of, and OROGOLD Stores is here to tell you about some of those perfect spa treatments today that you can even receive yourself. Luxury is attainable by anyone; seeking it out is the hardest part.


Loose Diamond Massages

Becoming ever popular in California, USA, among other high end luxury spas throughout the world, you can find loose diamond massages in which over $1 million worth of loose diamonds are placed onto your spine, and are massaged into your skin by a certified masseuse. The epitome of luxurious indeed!


Wine Baths

Also made famous in California, USA is the luxurious wine spa bath. This incredible experience involves soaking in a tub treated with Pinot Noir while you receive a facial wrap made of grape seed. From there, you are rinsed clean with a potent grape water and massaged to your heart’s content. Luxurious? We think so.


Beer Bath

Made famous in the Czech Republic, this process involves soaking in a Victorian tub in the basement of a particular brewery named Chodovar, which is a family owned and operated brewery. You are allowed to rest in the beer bath for approximately 20 minutes, and are then given a 25 minute rest in bed, and then given a glorious hour long massage. The beer is said to infuse the skin with vitamins and proteins. For those seeking something exhilarating, relaxing, and different, this may be a fantastic option for you!


Caviar Hair Treatment

From London comes yet another exotic and extravagant treatment you can receive which incorporates the use of fine caviar into a special wash for your hair, which is concocted from fish eggs which are actually flown in from Iran only a few days prior to your appointment. Hari’s Salon took luxury to a whole new level when they introduced this type of treatment to the hair care world. The process is done through washing your hair with a truffle based shampoo and then the caviar is placed, combed into your hair and allowed to rest for a while. The end result? Perfect, shiny hair to be envied by all – and the knowing of having had such a luxurious experience!


These treatments may seem off-putting to some, but many women would find these types of experiences to be the ultimate in being pampered. If you are in the market to splurge on yourself and feel the ultimate luxury experience, OROGOLD suggests you give one of these spectacular services a try today.

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