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Luxury Secrets of Las Vegas

//Luxury Secrets of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its bounty of extravagant hotels, each boasting thousands of rooms and an incredible array of facilities and amenities. However, what many people do not realize is that these enormous hotel complexes actually contain some truly special secret hotels, completely hidden away and protected from the noisy buzz of the city. These secret hotels-within-hotels not only offer the ultimate in luxurious rooms, but they also come with a whole host of extras, from personal butlers to preferential nightclub access.

The Mansion at the MGM Grand
There is absolutely no trace of The Mansion on the MGM Grand website, and, with its own private driveway and entrance, is completely shielded from the public’s eyes. Literally a mansion, The Mansion boasts glass ceilings and gilded balconies, with 29 massive ‘villas’ as guest rooms. Each villa is unique, and decked out with lavish features, including full-sized private pools, wet bars, grand pianos, media rooms, professional kitchens, private gyms and spa rooms, and each villa also enjoys personal butler service. The Mansion’s restaurant has no menu – instead, the chefs cook whatever the guests may desire, while the room service options consist of anything from the hundred plus eateries within MGM’s nine Las Vegas resorts, including the ones run by celebrity chefs.

Nobu Hotel, Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas.

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Nobu Hotel at Caesar’s Palace
Situated in its very own tower in Caesar’s Palace, the Nobu Hotel is the only hotel in town where guests can enjoy Nobu’s famous sushi for breakfast, or at any other point of the day with a simple phone call to room service. Of course, guests enjoy priority reservations at the Nobu restaurant, and each room has a minibar stocked with private label Nobu sake, as well as a range of Japanese craft beers and authentic snacks. The rooms themselves are Japanese-inspired, from the décor to the herbal sleep oils to the tea selection, and provide a zen-like oasis just steps away from the main casino.

The Villas at the Mirage
The Mirage, with its 3044 guest rooms, is one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas, but few people know about The Villas at the Mirage, especially since, just a couple of years ago, these fourteen luxury villas were only made available on an exclusive invitation-only basis to the casino’s highest rollers. Each of the villas boast of luxe indoor and outdoor private spaces, with private pools, fire pits, personal butlers, monogrammed pillowcases and outdoor televisions. To top it all off, guests can even make use of an oversized Champagne bubble bath, and they also enjoy the use of iMacs and iPads for the duration of their stay. Just like the others, this secret hotel also has its own private entranceway, and offers complimentary airport limo transfers to all guests.

It’s hard to believe that a city like Las Vegas has a whole array of secret hotels. While these are three of the best, there are still others to be found, each of them offering unique luxury perks that you simply would not be able to get elsewhere!

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