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End 19th century – Vegas? What Vegas?

The 21st Century – Vegas? Oooh, aaaah, Las Vegas.

For a city that didn’t even exist at the start of the 20th century, Las Vegas has actually done wonders to become a home to almost 2 million people, boast of 19 of the top 25 largest hotels in the world and experience a footfall of more than 37 million tourists each year.

Las Vegas, the largest city in the state of Nevada, is popularly known to be the Entertainment Capital of the World. The city is primarily famous for its exotic hotel casino extravaganzas that have been uniquely designed to evoke romance, excitement, a sense of travelling to far away destinations, adventure and mystery at the same time. What makes Las Vegas so unique is that it really doesn’t have any “nightlife” – since everything that you normally do through the night can easily be done all through the day as well.

Las Vegas is the only place in the world that allows tourists to experience the thrills of Ancient Rome, Paris and New York at the same time while getting married at midnight or feasting their eyes on a volcano that plans to erupt at sunset. Tacky souvenirs, Elvis impersonators, classic neon signs, monstrous tubs of margaritas and LITs, a high level of sophistication, free craps lessons and million dollar betting tables – they’re all a part of the charm that make Vegas seem larger than life.

Vegas is also known to be one of those mythical towns that must be seen at least once in your lifetime, preferably more if you’re still to be married. Just mentioning the name is more than enough to transport most people into a world of fantasy, adventure, scantily clad women, stacks of gambling chips, exotic constructions, extravagant sights and surrounds, neon lights and showgirls. Furthermore, as “adult-only” as Vegas might sound, it manages to place one foot in both worlds – apart from offering the best forms of adult entertainment in the world, it also manages to offer amazing experiences and outings for the family adventures.

Vegas is also known to be a city where the architecture and constructions are driven by moods. There was a time when fantasy was the need of the hour. As a result, Egyptian pyramids and Arthurian castles found their way to the strip. Then came a time to replicate cities. As a result, complete replicas of cities like New York and Venice found shelter on the strip. Today, the properties attempt to create that perfect balance between high end sophistication and complete ostentation.

The sunny weather and the party atmosphere have also attracted countless retirees into the city.  The summer months are known to be hot, dry and sunny with the average temperature hovering in the 100’s. Winters are much cooler with the average temperatures hovering in the 50’s. The best time to visit Vegas is during the spring and fall seasons as the temperature is neither too hot, nor too cold. Moreover, those visiting the city during the spring or fall season can also enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty that can be found outside the glitz and glamour of Vegas to its fullest.

Although you might be tempted to spend most of your time and money checking out those exotic casinos, gawking at showgirls and trying out all sorts of video poker, blackjack, poker, roulette and craps games, we would suggest that you take time out to visit the magnificent sights and surrounds that Vegas has to offer as well. Some of the top attractions in Vegas include the Bellagio Fountain, the Venetian, Stratosphere Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Fremont Street, SharkReef at Mandala Bay, Adventuredome, Neon Museum and the Chapel of the Flowers.

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