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Location Spotlight: Perth by OROGOLD – ORO GOLD Reviews

//Location Spotlight: Perth by OROGOLD – ORO GOLD Reviews

Located right at the edge of the Indian Ocean is the gorgeous city of Perth. This city is believed to be one of the most spectacular cities in the world, a city that has a warm sunny climate and the picturesque Swan River running through its heart. Perth is a city that takes all your inhibitions, throws them into a bin and allows you to dance to its rhythmic beats. The closest major Australian city is Adelaide and even then Perth is closer to Singapore than to Adelaide. It also lies at a distance of almost 2500 miles from Sydney and Melbourne. This makes the city one of the most isolated cities in the world. That’s not it. The city is also the capital of the least densely populated state in Australia. But, that doesn’t take anything away from the fun and excitement that it has to offer. From a hot and sultry nightlife to enjoyable attractions; from an excellent beach scene to family friendly destinations, Perth has it all.

It’s typical for people in Perth to spend their time on things like swimming, surfing, sailing or enjoying barbeques. So don’t become surprised if you find too many locals enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities. After all, the perfect climate, picture perfect sceneries and superb facilities make Perth the perfect outdoor destination. One of the biggest charms of Perth is its Central Business District. The Perth CBD is essentially an open-air shopping mall that features some of the most beautiful historic buildings of Australia, authentic galleries, magnificent museums and pedestrian only retail precincts. It is an ideal place for you to people watch and check out the locals in full flow.

This might seem to be really strange but Perth actually fails to take advantage of its stunning riverside. As a result, the beautiful banks of the Swan River are a hotspot for seagulls, cyclists and joggers. The city might be relaxed and easy going, but never mistake it for being static. The mining boom of Western Australia has helped the city to blossom and you can always find the locals socializing, eating and spending their money and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Perth might also be famous for its lengthy dry spells, but if you happen to catch it while its raining, you can expect the rains to pour like anything. Storms and strong winds usually accompany winter nights as well, but hardly any destruction is ever caused.

The spring season (from September to November) and the Autumn months (from March – May) are the best times to visit Perth. Spring is an ideal time to travel because of the exotic views and beautiful wildflowers that can be found all throughout the city. However, if you’re wanting to avail of off-season discounts, you might want to check out the city in the midst of summers or winters. As a first time tourist, some of the tourist attractions that you’re likely to enjoy while in Perth include the Kings Park, Fremantle, Perth Zoo, Swan Valley, Adventure World and the Serpentine National Park. And when you get tired of these sites and need something to relax and rejuvenate your aching limbs, step into the OROGOLD Store located in the Perth Mall at 298 Murray St., Perth, WA 6000. 


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