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Maryland, also known as Mini-America, is a state that offers travelers with the very best that the country has to offer. It is dotted by the Appalachian Mountains on the west and beautiful white sand beaches on the east. The northern and southern areas are also known to be equally appealing with their vast and varied delights. Baltimore is the main city in Maryland, a major port town that is full of art and antiques. Maryland offers access to the Potomac River, the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay and is known to be an ideal place for all water lovers. Jousting is a major sport and camping, skiing, hiking and snowshoeing are also popular.

What makes Maryland so unique is its beautiful blend of the mountain, the sun, rural delights and the sea. It offers something for all sorts of travelers – from historic attractions to a beautiful culture, from exotic beaches to adventure activities, you will be left wanting for nothing. The state is divided into 5 regions – the Eastern Shore (Ocean City and Assateague Island), Western Maryland (Deep Creek lake and the mountains), the Capital (a major commuter hub), Southern Maryland (Chesapeake Bay) and Central Maryland (Annapolis and Baltimore).

Maryland might be small in its size, but it boasts of having some of the biggest crowd pleasers such as Ocean City, Annapolis and Hagerstown. Ocean City is famous for its seaside activities and perfect weather. Finally, Annapolis is brimming with historical wonders and breathtaking natural beauty. Hagerstown offers a slow paced lifestyle, wonderful outdoor charms and splendid galleries.

Chesapeake Bay is by far the most popular beach getaways in Maryland. It ranks among the best places to visit on the Eastern Coast and is home to some of the greatest outdoor activities, parks, seafood and crab cakes in the state. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is also worth a watch. Don’t forget to check out the various museums, historical wonders and art galleries that the city has to offer while in Baltimore.

Tourists are always advised to book their accommodations well in advance during the peak summer months because the hotel prices are known to skyrocket. The state is an extremely popular getaway for residents from the neighboring states and hotels, B&Bs and vacation homes are known to fill up quite fast. The best way to explore Maryland is by car. The state has an amazing road network and car rentals are easily available all over the city. Driving is also known to be a pleasure and traffic is never a problem outside the main cities. If you do plan to rent your own car, don’t forget to check out the Chesapeake Country ByWay and the Historic National Road, both of which are known to be some of the most beautiful drives in America.

Some of the main highlights of Maryland include the wild horses on the Assteague Island, the Appalachian Trail, the Cumberland Historic District, the Allegheny Highlands Trail, Deep Creek and the Chesapeake Bay.

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