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Malta, popularly known as the open air museum of the Mediterranean, is considered to be an extremely beautiful country that is full of spectacular natural delights, a rich history and compelling architecture. Malta consists of 3 islands – Gozo, most famous for its beautiful hills and pleasant atmosphere; Malta, the playground for the rich and the famous; and Comino, an isolated island known for its water sport opportunities.

Malta is a place like nowhere else. It is home to beautiful hidden coves, thrilling adventure sports, prehistoric attractions, grand architectural delights, fossil studded cliffs, a rich history and a unique party atmosphere. The Mediterranean is never far away from any point in the islands and there is always a secluded beach located close by. If diving is what you’re after, the aquatic wealth of the Mediterranean and countless undersea caves combined with the countless WWII bombers provide for some of the most exciting diving opportunities in the world.

The country is also known to be strictly Roman Catholic. It is full of distinct villages and towering churches. However, it still manages to boast of a unique mix of cultures that have intermingled with the local culture over generations. This beautiful mix makes Malta a little bit of everything – Arabic, French, English, Sicilian and Middle Eastern – all seem to be local flavors in Malta.

Despite its grand architecture, beautiful culture and rich history, the main draw for Malta is its dramatic coastline. The coastline is full of rocky coves that are dotted with secluded sandy beaches. The immense popularity of the country makes it advisable for tourists to book their accommodations well in advance, particularly during the peak seasons (the summer months). The best time to visit Malta is during the Fall and Spring seasons as the crowds are lesser and accommodations are readily available.

Malta offers its travelers with vast and varied sights to choose from. One of the most popular delights in the country is Mdina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which consist of the ruins of the ancient capital city of Malta. The Gozo Island is famous for its Ggantija Temples – massive structures that pre-date the Stonehenge.

Malta is also famous as a playground for the rich and the famous and is generally known for its beautiful atmosphere, exotic beaches, laid back surroundings and sexy people. The best beaches are Mellieha Bay, Golden Bay and Ramla Bay, the very spot where Odysseus lazed on the red sands that ended up delaying his homecoming.

Sliema, a former fishing village on the east coast, is particularly famous for its wine bars and stylish restaurants and St. Julian’s, located towards the north, is an upmarket town that is known for its amazing bars and clubs.

Another popular destination in Malta is the Blue Lagoon, famous for having the bluest waters in the Mediterranean and known for having some of the best diving and snorkelling facilities in the region. Finally, the Azure Window, a natural rock formation that offers beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, also worth a watch.


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