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LAX Airport Fashion

//LAX Airport Fashion

With the number of celebrities that travel through it every day, LAX sees some truly stylish outfits. While airport style can be difficult to master, taking a look at some of the airport fashion seen at Los Angeles International Airport is always inspiring when planning your own traveling outfit.

Woman wearing a black dress while traveling

Easy and Elegant: All Black
The all-black look is favored by many women when traveling, as it makes mixing and matching outfits much easier. Victoria Beckham is often spotted at LAX sporting this look, with one of her favorite all-black airport outfits consisting of skinny jeans, suede knee-high boots, a tailored blazer and a large pair of sunglasses.

Low-Key: Jeans and Sneakers
Jeans and sneakers are the ultimate low-key airport look, because not only are they one of the comfiest outfits that you can wear, but they can also make you look effortlessly cool. Kristen Stewart is regularly spotted at LAX wearing turned-up jeans, a sweatshirt, sneakers, a beanie hat and sunglasses, similar to Alexa Chung’s signature look of skinny jeans, a slouchy sweatshirt, and comfy sneakers.

Woman wearing a trench coat

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Smart and Sophisticated: The Trench Coat
The trench coat is a popular traveling garment, as it is extremely practical as well as comfortable, and allows you to add a smart and sophisticated edge to an otherwise understated outfit. Emma Watson can pull this look off extremely well, but since she was the face of a Burberry campaign, this isn’t too surprising!

Flirty and Chic: Skinny Jeans and a Fluffy Jacket
Skinny jeans paired with a fluffy jacket always cuts a striking silhouette, and is also a fun and comfortable airport outfit to wear. Julianne Moore pairs her grey fluffy jacket with skinny blue jeans and a laid-back striped t-shirt, while Chanel Iman pairs her black furry coat with black leather trousers and a black knit, opting for the all-black look at the same time.

Woman wearing a fedora hat.

Stylish and Cool: The Fedora
For those who hate having to deal with unruly hair whilst traveling, keeping it all tucked away under a hat is usually the wisest option. When it comes to the style of hat, a fedora is one of the most popular to be spotted at LAX. While Naya Rivera pairs her black fedora with an oversized coat and a Birkin bag, Rita Ora jazzes it up with a feathered fedora and black shades.

Fun and Vibrant: Prints
Planes are often drab and dreary, so brightening the journey up by wearing one or two cool prints is always a great idea. Poppy Delevingne was recently seen landing at LAX wearing an ethnically printed French Connection kimono paired with a Louis Vuitton clutch, while leopard print has been worn by everyone from Heidi Klum to Georgia May Jagger.

When it comes to airport fashion, LAX is always one of the best airports to turn to. With such a variety of looks, from leather trousers and black boots to turned-up skinny jeans and comfy sneakers, LAX is definitely a leader when it comes to inspirational airport style.

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