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How the Ultra Rich Party in Moscow

//How the Ultra Rich Party in Moscow

Since 1991, the rich in Russia have almost doubled their wealth, and Moscow is a city that is consistently ranked either first or second in the world in terms of billionaires. When it comes to nightlife, the clubs in Moscow fall into three general categories; the average nightclub that anyone can enter, the exclusive night clubs where the right name dropping will get you through the door, and the Russian nightclubs, which turn away everybody other than the ultra rich.

Getting Past Face Control
While many may be shocked at the idea of face control, and others may believe it to be nothing but a myth, it is actually an extremely common practice among the high-end clubs and bars in Moscow. These bouncers guard the entrance to the club, only allowing those who are displaying enough wealth to enter. The ultra-rich are always instantly recognizable thanks to their clothes, cars and jewelry, and count on each club’s face control to maintain the exclusivity of the club.

Artel Bessonnitsa
Formerly known as Rai, Artel Bessonnitsa is a Russian nightclub that only caters to the ultra rich. Every Friday and Saturday, the club opens its doors to Moscow’s elite, serving up brand cocktails alongside music from some of the greatest names in house and tech-house. The club is situated in Krasny Oktyabr, an area that has traditionally housed only the most luxurious restaurants and bars, so you will usually find that the ultra rich first enjoy a meal at a nearby restaurant before hitting the dance floor at Artel Bessonnitsa.

Krysha Mira
With a name that means Roof of the World, Krysha Mira lives up to this by being situated on a roof deck, offering spectacular views out across Moscow City. As expected, this is another club with an extremely strict entrance policy, but those who manage to make their way in all agree that this is one of Moscow’s premier party spots.

Gaudi Arena Club
Gaudi Arena is considered to be the epicenter of Moscow nightlife, with a dance floor than can hold up to 7000 people. With projection screens, flashy lighting, and cold smoke and fire, the dance floor is definitely a sensory experience. The club also has a concert zone and a stage with four amphitheaters, all of which offer restaurant service. When Moscow’s elite decide that they want some time to relax away from the pulsating beat of the main dance floor, they can head to Gaudi’s Chill Out Zone, featuring tea, hookah, fresh fruits and Middle Eastern sweets.

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world, and the highest concentration of its wealth is found in Moscow. When the ultra rich head for a night on the town, the evening is filled with opulence and excess, from the clubs to the drinks to the outfits, resulting in an extravagance that no other city in the world can even come close to competing with.

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