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Getting Active at Venice Beach

//Getting Active at Venice Beach

A vibrant, beachfront Californian neighborhood, Venice Beach is where you will find a wide range of physical activities to take part in. From surfing to rollerskating, these are just some of the ways in which you can get active at Venice Beach.

Venice Beach is home to the famous Venice Breakwater, which is a popular surf spot that features an artificial barrier that was built in 1905, in order to protect the pier. This is the only spot on the beach where waves break on both sides, and there are a variety of organizations that offer surfing lessons here, no matter what your ability level may be.

Located on the beach by the Ocean Front Walk, the Venice Beach Skatepark measures an impressive 16,000 square feet, and boasts a number of different skateboarding features. The park is known for helping to revolutionize skateboarding in the 1970’s, and is one of the country’s most legendary skateboarding venues.

woman roller skating
Often referred to as the Rollerskating Capital of the World, Venice Beach is home to a number of different areas that are fantastic for rollerskating. One of the most popular routes runs along the beach, starting at Santa Monica and stretching all the way to the south end of Venice, before picking up again at Manhattan Beach Boulevard.

Cycling is another popular activity in Venice Beach, and is a great way to not only get active, but also explore the area. One of the top bike paths is the Marvin Braude Bike Path, as this coastal trail provides you with the opportunity to travel around the harbor by bike, and to do so in a safe way, since the majority of the path is only accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. There are plenty of other bicycle paths that connect with the Marvin Braude trail, and many bicycle rental shops where you will find everything that you need.

Muscle Beach Venice
Marked by a huge concrete barbell, Muscle Beach Venice is where you will find a huge concentration of gyms and fitness studios, many of which are frequented by some of the top names in Hollywood. The area, which can be found at the south end of the Venice Beach Recreation Center, acquired its name thanks to the large outdoor weightlifting space here, and even if you do not want to join the throngs that are working out, you can still spend some time spectating.

Woman playing paddle tennis

Paddle Tennis
Paddle tennis is a game that is a cross between tennis and ping pong, taking place on a scaled down tennis court but making use of large paddles rather than racquets. The courts can be found on Ocean Front Walk, and there are tournaments held throughout the year. This is a relatively easy sport to pick up, and well worth trying at Venice Beach.

Venice Beach boasts such a wide range of physical activities, and these are all fantastic ways to also explore the area and soak up a classic Venice Beach experience. From rollerskating along the coast to playing a game of paddle tennis under the sun, it is definitely worthwhile spending some time getting active when at Venice Beach.

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