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Foodie Travels for 2016

//Foodie Travels for 2016

Traveling and eating go together hand in hand, which is why trips and adventures aimed at food enthusiasts have become increasingly popular. From tasting your way around the south of India to sampling some of the finest French produce, here are OROGOLD’s picks of some of the top foodie travels for 2016.

Real Food Adventure, South India
India is home to some of the most diverse and flavorful cuisine in the world, and for all you foodies out there who love Indian food but have never eaten it in India, 2016 is the year to do so. The Real Food Adventure is a 12-day trip organized by Intrepid, and takes you to seven different regions of south India. You will begin in Chennai, sampling street food at the bustling markets, before heading over to Pondicherry for a cooking class with a local chef. Day 4 takes you to Kandukathan, where you will enjoy a masterclass in Chettinad cuisine, before moving on to Madurai, one of the oldest cities in the world. Your visit to Periyar will have you touring spice plantations and growing fields, while more masterclasses await you in Kochi – definitely an exciting trip for foodies.

Taste of Paris Festival, France
The annual Taste of Paris festival is coming up soon, and will be held from the 11th to 14th February 2016, making this an ideal time for French food lovers to visit the capital. The event is expected to attract over 20,000 foodies, all coming to sample from 18 of Paris’ best restaurants and chefs, as well as a variety of local artisans and young talent. Some of the multi-Michelin-starred chefs that will be in attendance include Alain Ducasse, Guy Savoy, and Thierry Marx amongst many others, and there will also be a number of talented Japanese followers of French cuisine. From caviar to olive oil to smoked salmon to jam, this is the place to sample some of the finest Parisian dishes.

Gelato, Rome

Flavors of Italy, Italy
Organized by Trafalgar Tours, Flavors of Italy is a 10-day foodie trip that takes you to some of the top culinary capitals of the country. You will begin in Rome, having enough time to do some sightseeing in between sampling delicious spoonfuls of gelato, before heading to Florence, where you will enjoy a special dinner and wine in a family-owned vineyard. Day 7 will take you to Bologna, a city that is known for its culinary traditions, especially its cured meats, from salami to prosciutto, and you will also be visiting Parma for a meal of local specialties. A walking tour of Venice will show you how locals shop for their food, while learning more about the regional cuisine.

OROGOLD loves a trip that is focussed around food, as there is so much that you can learn about a destination by sampling its cuisine. From the spicy street snacks of south India to the elegant fine dining of Paris, these foodie travels should be at the top of your vacation list for 2016.

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