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Farmer’s Market at Lake Eola Park

//Farmer’s Market at Lake Eola Park

Hosted every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm at Lake Eola Park, the Orlando Farmer’s Market is now in its 29th year, and only seems to get better and better as the years go on. The market was first started in 1987, and has grown substantially since then, adding a broad variety of new vendors, a brand new wine and beer garden, live entertainment, and much more.

Fresh Farm Produce
There are a large number of local farms around the Orlando area, and the farmer’s market at Lake Eola Park is the ideal opportunity for many of these farms to showcase their goods. Of course, the produce that is available is always seasonal, so while there may be an abundance of juicy, ripe tomatoes one week, there might be tables packed with colorful ears of corn the next.

Wine and Beer Garden
The wine and beer garden is a relatively new addition to the Orlando Farmer’s Market, with the majority of wine and beers available coming from local suppliers. For those who prefer to avoid the alcohol, there are a number of other beverages available, from freshly ground coffee to specialty teas to freshly squeezed juices from fruits that have just been picked that morning.

Freshly Prepared Dishes
Whether you plan on taking any farm fresh produce home with you or not, it is always worthwhile visiting the farmer’s market to sample some of the freshly prepared dishes on offer. The vendors produce some of the best of Central Florida cuisine, which is no surprise when you take into account the freshness and variety of their ingredients. From freshly baked breads and corn dogs to more ethnic offerings from Latin America to Jamaica, the tantalizing smells that waft by as you stroll past these vendors will no doubt have you making several tasting stops.

Indoor and Outdoor Plants
Now that spring is upon us, one of the most visually impressive aspects to the Orlando Farmer’s Market are the plants that are on sale. With both indoor and outdoor plants, spring sees the market burst into blooms of vibrant colors, from exotic orchids to sleek bamboo to the sweet scent of fresh herbs.

Live Entertainment
Each week, the Orlando Farmer’s Market puts on live entertainment for their visitors, focussing on talented local musicians. Some of the music acts that you can catch this April include Tom Sartori, who has been voted as the Best Solo Artist seven times by the Buffalo Music Awards, Mike Petrovich, who is known for his intoxicating Spanish guitar, and Casey Brents, who performs hauntingly beautiful covers of popular songs.

Dog Friendly
While many farmer’s markets may request that dogs be kept away from the vendors, this is not the case at the Orlando Farmer’s Market. This market is truly dog-friendly, with special booths that cater solely to your furry best friend. From homemade dog treats to handcrafted dog accessories, this is a market that your dog will enjoy just as much as you will.

The Orlando Farmer’s Market is definitely one of the more upscale farmer’s markets in the Orlando area, and, with Lake Eola serving as an idyllic backdrop to the bustle of the market, you won’t find a more picturesque spot to indulge in some Sunday shopping.

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