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Fancy Fall Picnic Ideas

//Fancy Fall Picnic Ideas

A bright and crisp fall day is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a picnic before the chill of winter sets in, and offers cooler temperatures and fewer bugs than the summer months. However, rather than opting for plastic cutlery and hastily-prepared snacks, taking the time to put together a fancy fall picnic will make your al fresco dining experience so much more worthwhile.

Silverware Bundles
Plastic cutlery may be convenient, but it does not lend itself well to a more upscale picnic. Instead, bring along your favorite silverware, but wrap each set in some cloth napkins while packing, as this means that they can easily be grabbed and used when necessary. The same applies for other disposable dishes, which can easily be swapped for reusable plates, instantly elevating the level of your picnic.

Cheese Selection
The cooler temperatures of fall mean that you can easily put together a cheese selection and will not need to worry about it melting. The best way to assemble a cheese platter is by choosing cheeses that each have a different texture, such as a soft, artisan-style Brie, a firm farmhouse cheddar, a tangy blue cheese, and a harder variety, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano. Cheese will usually fall into one of four categories, either being firm, soft, aged or blue, so try to incorporate at least one of each into your picnic.

Wine in the fall

Wine is a must at a high-end picnic, and since most of the foods that you will be eating will be cold, you need an intensely-flavored wine that can easily stand up to this. A classic sauvignon blanc is one of the most picnic-friendly wines out there, as it has quite a citrus and herbal component, which will complement most picnic dishes, while a sparkling wine or champagne provide a beautiful fresh start to a fall picnic.

Comfort is absolutely key when it comes to enjoying a fall picnic, so rather than grabbing your trusty weathered picnic blanket, look for one that is insulated and waterproof, as the weather in fall is not quite as forgiving as the summer. To enhance the experience even more, do not be afraid to bring along a few fall-themed centerpieces, such as pumpkins or gourds, and decorate your picnic area with some thoughtful items, such as pretty throw pillows or candlelit lanterns.

Dessert Bar
A dessert bar will always be appreciated at a picnic, and, since it is fall, it only makes sense to make the most of seasonal ingredients when preparing this. Caramel apples are a firm fall favorite, and this is an easy dish for guests to put together themselves, as long as you have provided the apples, as well as a caramel sauce and a range of other toppings to drizzle over the fruit slices.

A fancy fall picnic does not need to be difficult to plan, and with just a few thoughtful touches, you will be able to put together an indulgent picnic that really celebrates the beauty of the season. From a colorful dessert bar that features caramel apples to fine wines that complement all of your favorite picnic foods, these ideas guarantee a picnic that is not only high end, but also plenty of fun.

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