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Santa Fe Wine and Chile Festival

//Santa Fe Wine and Chile Festival

The Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta is an annual event held every September, and, since it was first launched in 1991, continues to be highly anticipated by food and wine enthusiasts every year. With more than 100 different national wineries and 75 of Santa Fe’s best restaurants in attendance, along with cooking demonstrations, wine seminars and other related events, it is no surprise that this five-day festival attracts visitors from all over the country.

Wine Tastings and Seminars
With over 100 different wineries showing at the Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta, there are plenty of delicious samples to be had. The Grand Tasting will be held at the Santa Fe Opera, while the Reserve Wine Tasting will be held at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, with the latter also hosting an auction during the tasting, featuring 75 rare wine lots. There are also many wine seminars to be attended, such as the Giro D’Italia Wine and Cheese Pairing Masterclass, the comparative tasting of a white Burgundy versus a Sonoma Chardonnay, the talk on Classic Rioja and its Ageability, and much more.

Cooking Demonstrations
The cooking demonstrations are always a highlight of this annual festival, and this year sees some truly talented chefs take center stage. Colin Shane, executive chef at Arroyo Vino, will be demonstrating a few pickling and fermentation techniques that can extend the season of your own garden at home, while Chef Peter Janiak from the Seghesio Winery in Sonoma will be hosting a pasta masterclass along with a wine tasting. Chef Alex Seidel of Fruition and Mercantile, which has frequently been named as the top restaurant in Colorado, will be putting on a cooking demonstration that makes use of artisan cheeses and pork from his own farm, while Cy Yontz from the Rio Grill will be demonstrating a few modern Southwestern cooking techniques.

Gruet Golf Classic
Hosted by the Gruet Winery, the Golf Classic is a great way to play a few rounds of golf while tasting some fabulous wines in gorgeous natural surroundings. This event features six of the finest wines from the Gruet Winery, and these will be available at every third hole, along with appropriate dishes from some of the restaurants that are participating in the festival.

Film Fiesta
The Santa Fe Wine and Chile Film Fiesta is also not to be missed, and, with so many different showings, there is bound to be one that you are able to catch. On each night of the festival, a food and wine reception will be held at the Violet Crown and Jean Cocteau Cinemas, after which three related films will be shown. Each night sees different titles being played, as well as different participating restaurants, so even if you attended all the nights, you would still be enjoying a different experience each time.

The Santa Fe Wine and Chile Fiesta is an absolute must for any foodies out there, as well as any wine connoisseurs. Since many of their events are in high demand, it would be advisable to purchase tickets for these in advance, via the festival’s website, to avoid any disappointment on the day.

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