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Fall in Love with Russia

//Fall in Love with Russia

Russia is a captivating country that everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime. From its renowned hospitality to its incredible food, these are just a few of the things that will soon have you falling in love with Russia.

Russian borsch soup

Russian Cuisine
Many people do not have high expectations when it comes to the cuisine in Russia, but these people are often pleasantly surprised each time they sit down for a meal. A few of the must-try dishes in Russia include caviar, borsch, oliva and blini, although you are likely to enjoy just about everything that you end up eating in the country.

The people of Russia are known for their exceptional hospitality, and are always extremely friendly to visitors. From being invited into family homes to share meals to having a friendly chat with just about everyone that you pass, many people do not actually realize just how friendly and hospitable Russians are until they actually visit the country.

St Petersburg during winter

Temperature Extremes
While many countries around the world experience just mild temperature changes throughout the year, Russia is known for its extremes. In the winter months, you will be greeted with an icy breeze, as well as a temperature of around -60 degrees Celsius, every time you step outside, while the summer months are the complete opposite, with tropical heat on the banks of the Angara. While these temperature extremes are not for everyone, there is definitely a thrill that comes from experiencing such dramatic natural changes.

Russia is home to some of the finest museums in the world, with such a large variety to choose from in every major city in the country. From the State Hermitage Museum, which boasts one of the largest, and most impressive, collections of fine art in the world, to the Tretyakov Gallery, where you will find the largest collection of Russian art, to the Peter and Paul Fortress, which simply oozes with history and heritage, the museums that you will visit will no doubt be one of the highlights of your trip to Russia.

Mariinsky Theatre

Historical Sites
In addition to visiting Russia’s many museums, you will also notice the history that is present just about everywhere you go. There are several historical sites that are worth visiting, including the Kremlin, the Winter Palace and the Mariinsky Theatre.

The Trains
Even if you already frequently travel by train in your home country, train travel in Russia will be a completely new experience. These trains are so vast, and travel quite slowly, with a twenty minute stop at each station so that passengers are able to disembark to stretch their legs. There is also train etiquette that you need to be aware of, such as sharing food and drink with your neighbour, or giving up your ground level bunk for people who are older than you and cannot easily climb to the second tier.

Russia is such a diverse country, and you will have a unique experience no matter where you choose to visit. Whether you head to one of Russia’s major cities, or spend some time in small towns, it will no doubt not be long before you end up falling in love with this magnificent country.

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