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Explore Malta Like a Local

//Explore Malta Like a Local

Located in the Mediterranean, in between Africa and Sicily, Malta is the largest island in the Maltese island chain, making it a prime destination for those who want to explore the region. There is so much to see and do on this beautiful island, but rather than follow the usual tourist trail, OROGOLD has put together some great tips to help you to explore Malta just like a local.

Swim in St. Peter’s Pool
St. Peter’s pool is a stunning hidden gem in Malta that the locals are quite happy to keep to themselves, and once you get there, you will quickly see why. Located at the tip of Delimara Point, in Marsaxlokk, St. Peter’s pool is a gorgeous natural swimming pool with serene azure waters that you can see all the way through. Whether you want to do some snorkeling, or simply relax by the water, this is a place where you could easily spend an enjoyable afternoon. However, OROGOLD advises that this is not somewhere that you could bring children to, as there are quite a few steep and rocky inclines that would be too dangerous for them to tackle.

Pastizzi dish.

Eat Pastizzi at the Crystal Palace
Pastizzi is considered to be the national snack of Malta, and consists of flaky pastry that has been stuffed with either ricotta cheese or mushy peas. The pastry in itself is a bit of a mix between Greek filo and French puff, but deliciously crunchier and indulgently richer. While the Crystal Palace Bar may not look like much from the outside, this is the place that all of the locals go when they want to enjoy their favorite snack. Located just outside of Mdina, the Crystal Palace serves fresh hot pastizzi all day long, along with a glass of local tea to wash it down with. OROGOLD recommends taking your pastizzi to one of the sidewalk tables and doing some people-watching alongside the locals.

Take a Seaplane Trip
A seaplane trip is an activity that is popular in Malta, especially when it comes to special occasions. This is a fantastic way to see Malta from the air, giving you a birds-eye view of hidden coves, lush countryside, and unique landmarks, many of which locals are unaware of, even after living there for years! After scoping out the area from above, you will also be able to pinpoint certain locations that you want to visit throughout the rest of your trip. For this reason, OROGOLD recommends taking the seaplane trip at the beginning of your vacation.

Gozo Island

Visit Gozo Island
Gozo is a Maltese island that is popular with locals who want a quick getaway. Not only is Gozo packed with natural beauty, but it also has a strong cultural heritage and a rich history, meaning that it has something to offer for just about everyone. Just about all of the produce that you find in Gozo’s restaurants has been produced on the island, from the juicy ripe strawberries to the creamy goat cheese. OROGOLD recommends a visit to the Ta’Mena Farm Estate, where you can enjoy some of their famous organic red wine that will, allegedly, leave you with no hangover whatsoever!

While Malta’s famous landmarks and tourist attractions are still worth visiting, it is often nice to venture away from the main tourist trail and explore a destination in the same way that locals do. From taking a dip in the hidden St. Peter’s pool to enjoying the breathtaking views from a seaplane, these activities will enable you to experience Malta in a truly unique way.

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