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Enjoy Your Layover in London

//Enjoy Your Layover in London

Layovers can often be quite frustrating, especially if the airport that you are waiting at does not have many facilities. However, if you have an upcoming layover in London’s Heathrow Airport, there are several different ways in which you can occupy your time.

Browse the Shops
Heathrow Airport is home to a number of different stores, the majority of which belong to some of the biggest international brands in the world. If you are shopping for jewellery, head to Tiffany & Co, which is the brand’s first European airport boutique, while the premium jewellery from Links of London can also be found at the airport. When it comes to designer clothing and accessories, there are many brands to choose from, including Mulberry, Paul Smith and Ted Baker. For those needing travel accessories, head to Smythson, which is a high-end stationer and leather goods company, and will guarantee that every product that you purchase is nothing but the highest of quality.

View Some Art
There are a number of areas of Heathrow Airport that sport spectacular contemporary artwork, such as the site-specific British Airways Gallery. This gallery features work from British Airways’ large art collection, and includes pieces from Anish Kapoor, Damien Hirst and Gary Hume, although the gallery itself is only open to British Airways passengers. In addition to the permanent displays found around the airport, there are also rotating Expo art displays, which showcase the work from upcoming British artists.

Pamper Yourself
Travelling can be stressful, so a great way to spend your layover is by relaxing and unwinding at one of the airport’s spas. These cater to layover passengers, meaning that no advance booking is required, and the treatments range from short, 15 minute facials to hour-long full body massages, ensuring that you are able to squeeze one in no matter how little time you have to spare. This is the perfect way to recharge your batteries before your connecting flight, ensuring that you will feel refreshed and energized when you reach your final destination.

Indulge in a Meal
Tasteless, in-flight meals are rarely enjoyable, so make the most of your layover by stopping off at one of the airport’s many restaurants and indulging in a freshly cooked, fine dining meal. For those yearning for a spot of seafood, you can choose from the Caviar House Seafood Bar, as well as the Caviar House Oyster Bar, while those seeking something more exotic should pay a visit to Comptoir Libanais, which serves up home-style Lebanese dishes. Other tasty options include Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, the Three Bells, and the Tin Goose, all of which are restaurants that take great pride in the food that they serve up.

London Heathrow is the busiest airport in Europe, making it no surprise that it is filled with a range of activities and services for layover passengers. From relaxing at the spa to browsing the shops, these are just a few of the many things that you can do to pass your time at Heathrow Airport.

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