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City Guide for London Fashion Week

//City Guide for London Fashion Week

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For the first time, London Fashion Week is being held in Soho instead of Somerset House. Those of you in the city for London Fashion Week are likely to already have your fashion week itinerary planned out, but what about all those hours when you won’t be at runway shows or after parties? To make the most of your time in London, take a look at OROGOLD’s city guide for London Fashion Week.

Where to Eat
London’s Soho contains an eclectic mix of galleries, restaurants and bars, all of which can make your five fashion-filled days feel much less hectic! While you may only have a short break for lunch, it is important to take the time to refuel for the rest of the day. For a light Parisian lunch, featuring quiche, salads and roasted vegetables, stop off at the Rose Bakery on Dover Street. Or, for something more exotic, head to Jane Tira on Brewer Street for a casual lunch of Thai street food. Once the day is over, OROGOLD recommends spending your evening at Yauatcha, which serves up delectable plates of dim sum alongside refreshing cocktails. Or, if you are after some comfort food, the macaroni and cheese with black truffle at the Social Eating House is one of the best in the city.

Where to Drink
Soho may be packed with different places to enjoy a celebratory post-Fashion Week drink, but the choices can make it difficult to choose the best place. OROGOLD suggests heading over to Basement Sate after you eat dinner, as this venue specializes in cocktails paired with cake. Or, for something with more of a speak-easy feel, the Old Tom and English is just around the corner on Wardour Street. Those of you that want to get a glimpse of the seedier side of Soho should have a drink or two at La Bodega Negra, a sex-shop fronted cocktail den that serves up tequila-infused cocktails.

Where to Stay
Although you may not be spending much time in your hotel, it is still important to choose somewhere that will give you some respite from the buzz of the city. OROGOLD recommends the Soho Hotel, a comfortable, stylish and unique boutique hotel in the city, and just a short walk from all the fashion week events. Alternatively, the Sanctum Soho is a trendy establishment, complete with rotating beds, a 24-hour bar and an outdoor terrace with a large jacuzzi. For those of you traveling in a large group, OROGOLD suggests taking a look at self-catering options, as these can often work out cheaper and much more convenient. Dean Street is a fantastic self-catering option, and is also a short walk from the major fashion week events.

While your days may be filled with fashion, OROGOLD highly recommends making the most of your time in London, seeing everything that it has to offer. With a bit of planning, your time spent in the city during London Fashion Week could easily be one of the highlights of your year.

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