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OROGOLD Examines Off the Beaten Path in Hong Kong – ORO GOLD Reviews

//OROGOLD Examines Off the Beaten Path in Hong Kong – ORO GOLD Reviews

Hong Kong, often known as the Oriental Pearl of Asia, offers its visitors with a wonderful mix of old world Chinese culture and modern day cosmopolitan attractions. Some of the modern day attractions and amenities include top restaurants and spas. But sometimes the hustle bustle of the modern portions of the city can seem to be a bit daunting and you need something different. Once you manage to scratch the surface of Hong Kong, you should be able to find a hidden gem that offers experiences which become imbibed in your memories for life. With so much to see and do, it is easy to overlook sights or not have the time to do many things. This list celebrates some of the best Off the beaten path attractions in Hong Kong for all those travelers who are looking for something different. Something other than what everyday Hong Kong has to offer.

Cheung Chau Island
The Cheung Chau Island is located at a distance of 10kms from Hong Kong and it is nowhere as crowded as Lantau. What makes it so famous is that it has managed to stay unaffected by the commercialization of Hong Kong and still boasts of having a historic feel to it. The island is also home to one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong, the Pak Tai Temple, and some of the most exotic beaches in the region, such as the Kwun Yam beach and the Tung Wan beach. Seafood lovers are bound to fall in love with the local cuisines and the exciting restaurants. The best time to visit the Cheung Chau Island is during the Bun Festival that offers bun eating competitions, Taoist celebrations and dragon dances.

The Sky Tower, Macau
The observatory deck of the Sky Tower in Macau is located at a distance of 233 meters over the ground. It offers guests with some of the most beautiful views in all of Macau. But, that’s not the only reason that makes the Sky Tower so famous. Adrenaline junkies and adventure lovers are known to hoard the Sky Tower because it boasts of offering the highest bungee jump in the world, as certified by the Guinness World Records. The free fall takes you to speeds of 200kms per hour and about 6 seconds from start to stop. The unique system also allows the jumpers to rebound up and down instead of side to side, thereby eliminating the risk of coming in contact with the tower. And the best part? It takes place at night.

Dialogue in the Dark
Dialogue in the Dark is a unique attraction that must be explored when in Hong Kong. It offers guests with a chance to explore the world in complete darkness and understand what it feels like when all other senses are heightened. Not giving too much away, you will be taken through 5 unique environments in complete darkness with each environment heightening your sense of taste, touch and smell. If you’re looking for something more, you can also try out the dinner in the dark where you are served a 3 course meal in complete darkness.

View of Sai Kung Fishing Village at magic hourSai Kung Fishing Village
Sai Kung is a fishing village that is defined by its majestic mountain scenery, beautiful boats and exotic beaches. The seafood found here also makes it popular among tourists and the countless wine bars along the seaside promenade ensure that there is never a shortage of action in Sai Kung.

High Island and Hoi Ha Wan
The Hong Kong Geopark has emerged as one of the most popular attractions ever since it opened in the year 2009. It is home to High Island, a group of hexagonal rock columns and is of particular interest for hikers and those looking for off the beaten path attractions in Hong Kong. The area also hosts the Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park, famous for having some of the most beautiful corals.

Temple Street Night Market
The Temple Street Night Market is a “must see” in Hong Kong. The stalls are open all 7 days of the week from 4 PM till late in the night. The market is extremely popular among tourists and the experience is quite similar to the one offered by the Ladies Market located in the Mongkok District. The market is exactly what one would expect any typical Asian market to be – thousands of counterfeit products, exotic food items, fortune tellers, musicians and singers and the continuous glare of neon signs. You can also find all sorts of products, goods and items at the Temple Street Night Market.

Enjoy the man made wave pool at the Galaxy Macau Resort
The brand new man made wave pool at the Galaxy Macau Resort is the world largest rooftop wave pool. The rooftop aquatic area is also home to soaring palms, a magnificent collection of swimming pools, lush gardens, slides, pool climbing walls and Jacuzzi. And for those looking for ultimate relaxation, beachside cabanas are available as well.

Interior of St. John's Cathedral in Hong KongExplore the St. John’s Cathedral and the Yim Tin Tsai Village
Hong Kong might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of religious heritage, but the St. John’s Cathedral is one of the most amazing buildings in the city. Despite being surrounded by commercial ventures, the Anglican Church has managed to hold out on its own for decades. Exploring the Tim Tin Tsai Village, a catholic community since the year 1857 is also in order. The village beautifully fuses Chinese culture to Western faith. Even though there are no permanent villagers who live there anymore, the Feast Day of St. Joesph brings back all the locals for a beautiful reunion.

Man Cheung Po Infinity Pool
Despite its name, the Man Cheung Po Infinity Pool is a natural expanse of water located very close to the Tai O. The place can be quite difficult to find and it also takes a 20 minute hike to get there. But once you do get there, you’re treated to some of the most beautiful views in Hong Kong. The pool is fed by the waters of numerous waterfalls in the area and there’s a natural Jacuzzi for those looking to rejuvenate their bodies.

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