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Beach Day Fun Near Downtown Boston

//Beach Day Fun Near Downtown Boston

While the beaches of Boston may not be able to compete with some of the more famous beach destinations around the country, they still provide the perfect escape, without having to actually leave the city.

Carson Beach
Carson Beach is one of the most easily accessible beaches from Downtown Boston, with the beach itself consisting of a three mile stretch of gleaming sand. With volleyball and bocce courts, this is a great spot for those who want to enjoy a few beach sports, while foodies will love all of the food vendors that park themselves up alongside the beach.

Revere Beach
The very first public beach to be established in the United States, Revere Beach is always popular with locals. Stretching out for just over two miles, this beach faces east across the Atlantic Ocean, and, on a sunny day, can attract as many as 100,000 visitors. The ambiance here is always lively, with a public bathhouse, Victorian-style pavilions and multiple food vendors located just across the road. For those who want to enjoy Revere Beach without the bustling crowds, try to time your visit for early in the morning or late in the evening, as this will mean that you are likely to end up having the majority of the beach to yourself.

Charles River Esplanade at Boston, USA

The Esplanade
While not technically a beach, due to its lack of sand, Bostonians still treat the Esplanade park just like a beach, as it has wooden docks that warm up beautifully when the sun is shining, making them the perfect spot to lay back and relax. This is the site at which the Boston Pops Concert and Fireworks Spectacular is held every Independence Day, so holds a special place in the heart of many locals. With picturesque canals, scenic bridges, and even a peaceful lagoon, this is a great place to spend the day.

Constitution Beach
Although Constitution Beach may be a bit of a distance from Downtown Boston, its location by Logan Airport makes it the perfect spot to head to if you have a long airport layover. While the beach is only half a mile long, and does experience quite a bit of noise from overhead planes and passing traffic, it still boasts tennis and handball courts, a playground and picnic area, and beautiful views.

South Boston Beaches
The three main beaches of South Boston all join on to each other, making it difficult to know where one ends and the next begins, but this just means that there is even more beach to explore. Consisting of L Street Beach, M Street Beach and Carson Beach, there are plenty of family-friendly amenities to be found here, and this area is always popular in the summer months.

With the soaring summer temperatures that Boston experiences, you should definitely try to plan a few fun beach days for yourself. Whether you head to Carson Beach for some volleyball action or take a bike ride along the Esplanade, there are plenty of fun beach activities to be had near Downtown Boston.

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