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Exploring Puerto Rico’s Beaches

//Exploring Puerto Rico’s Beaches

Packed with hundreds of incredible beaches, there is plenty to choose from in Puerto Rico when you want some sun, sea and sand. From the world-famous Flamenco Beach to the family-friendly Luquillo Beach, each of the island’s beaches offers quite the unique experience.

Luquillo Beach
For those visiting a beach with family, Luquillo Beach is often one of the top choices, as the water here is calm, warm and shallow. Located 30 miles each of San Juan, Luquillo Beach sits just in front of the El Yunque National Rainforest, making it easy to combine a visit to the two. With wide stretches of white sand, water that is cleaner and clearer than many other San Juan beaches, attentive lifeguards and plenty of vendors selling food and drink, Luquillo Beach guarantees a fun family day out.

Pinones Beach
Located just two miles outside of San Juan, Pinones Beach offers an authentic Puerto Rican experience, with a laid-back, carefree ambiance, and plenty of kiosks selling delicious local dishes. This is also where you will find the Pinones Mangrove Forest, ideal for exploring with a kayak, which can be rented from the beach. The beach boardwalk, which is a seven-mile nature trail, is also an unforgettable experience, and is best explored either on foot or by bicycle.

Boqueron Beach
Boqueron Beach sits on the southwestern coast of Puerto Rico, and while it may be just one mile long, it is within the Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, and is absolutely spectacular. Lined with almond, palm and Flamboyan trees, Boqueron Beach has several good facilities, from the gazebos to the playgrounds and basketball courts, as well as many beachside shacks that cook up the freshest seafood.

Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach
Situated in the tiny Culebra Island, Flamenco Beach is not only considered to be one of Puerto Rico’s best beaches, but has also frequently been voted as being one of the best in the world by several major publications. Surrounded by lush mountains and dotted with swaying palm trees, Flamenco Beach is large and spacious, meaning that even on crowded weekends, you are likely to find a spot where you can enjoy some solitude. The facilities here are also highly-rated, from the lifeguards to the kiosks to the camping areas.

El Convento Beach
While kiosks and other facilities are always useful, there is often nothing quite like visiting a stretch of the coastline that feels more untouched, and this is the perfect description of El Convento Beach. This stretch of sand, which runs from Luquillo to Fajardo, is, other than a government beach house and a wooden cottage, completely undeveloped. With nothing but white sand and sparkling water for miles, El Convento Beach will give you a new appreciation for Puerto Rico’s exceptional natural beauty.

Many visit Puerto Rico solely to explore some of the island’s stunning beaches. From the bustling energy of the beaches around San Juan, to the tranquility of the southwestern coast, this island is most definitely home to some of the best beaches on the entire planet.

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