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Architecture, Books, and More at the Salt Lake City Public Library

//Architecture, Books, and More at the Salt Lake City Public Library

Located in one of the most architecturally-unique structures in Salt Lake City, the Salt Lake City Public Library used to be housed in the Salt Lake City and County Building, before it was moved to its current location in 2003. In addition to its spectacular architecture and a collection of over half a million books, the library also hosts an array of special events that are designed to bring the community together.

The building that houses the Salt Lake City Public Library was designed by architect Moshe Safdie, and makes the most of the incredible natural landscape around it thanks to its walls made from glass. The building itself is five storeys tall, and, at the very top, lies a lush and green rooftop garden that offers 360 degree views of the Salt Lake Valley.

Books and More
There are over half a million books to be found at the Salt Lake City Public Library, and, with the majority of the library being lit by natural light, thanks to its glass walls, it really is a joy to simply sit down and spend some time reading through some of the books here. In addition to the books, the library also boasts audiobooks, DVDs, music, subscriptions to 60 newspapers and magazines, and also has 163 computers, each connected to the internet, for the public to use.

Special Events
The library offers many community-driven special events, with an action-packed calender to be found on their website. From fun and games, such as power bingo and kids’ activities, to art exhibitions, such as Let Paint Be Paint and Drawings by Carter Johnson, to special exhibitions, such as the one titled Utah at War: Rare Books, Periodicals and Photography from the City Library’s Special Collections, there is always something going on at the Salt Lake City Public Library.

Public Art
The Salt Lake City Public Library has long since supported the arts, and have recently installed 18 permanent public art sculptures in downtown Salt Lake City. The series is titled Flying Objects, and has given over 45 local artists the chance to create one-of-a-kind sculptures. While the previous four series of this exhibition were temporary, the one being installed this April is permanent, so you will be able to view it whenever you are next in the city.

The Library Store
The renowned Library Store has been featured in several publications due to its unique selection of goods, and is considered to be one of the best local spots to shop for unique gifts. The items that you will find here are mostly literary-related, but are curated to suit just about every audience and occasion. Whether you are seeking a whimsical literary poster or an educational writing product, all sales made at the Library Store go towards helping the City Library.

Many would argue that the need for libraries in this modern day is becoming obsolete, but the Salt Lake City Public Library is the perfect example of a library that is able to meet the changing demands of society. From their tranquil reading spaces to their cutting-edge special events, this is a library that is truly cherished by its local community.

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