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Historical Landmarks in the Sacramento Area

//Historical Landmarks in the Sacramento Area

Sacramento is packed with history and heritage, and there are over 50 fascinating historical landmarks scattered throughout the region. From a reconstruction of the very first California theatre built in California, to the culture-filled Crocker Art Museum, these are some of Sacramento’s must-visit historical landmarks if you only have a short amount of time to spare.

The Eagle Theatre
The Eagle Theatre was California’s very first dedicated theatre building, and was originally constructed in 1849. However, just three months after opening, it was sadly destroyed by a devastating flood. Nevertheless, the theatre was reconstructed in 1974, and while its interior may now be home to docents of the California Railroad Museum, the exterior of the theatre is still a beautiful example of architecture from that time period.

Crocker Art Museum
The Crocker Art Museum is a historic institution in Sacramento, having been built in 1870. While it used to be home to a private art collection, the building, as well as its contents, were donated to the City of Sacramento in 1884. Today, the museum has grown since then, and is now three times its original size, containing everything from classic masterpieces to rare postmodern art.

Old Sacramento State Historic Park
The Old Sacramento State Historic Park is home to Sacramento’s historic roots, and contains a variety of heritage landmarks. Not only is this the site of several early Gold Rush structures, but it was once also home to the California Supreme Court, and you will find many buildings here that date all the way back to the 1850’s. Old Sacramento itself is a National Historic Landmark, and boasts many claims to fame, with one of the most important being that it used to be the western end of the line for the Pony Express, which was the first transcontinental railroad in the world.

Governor’s Mansion
The Governor’s Mansion can be found in the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park, and was originally built in 1878. Since then, it has served as the residence for thirteen of California’s Governors, and its regal extravagance definitely
needs to be seen in order to be appreciated. From the European décor features within to the exotic plants in the expansive grounds outside, including a swimming pool that was built in 1959, this is a historical landmark well worth touring.

State Indian Museum
The State Indian Museum was built just over 50 years ago, and was the very first museum in California solely dedicated to Indian cultures. The collection in this museum is truly extraordinary, with artefacts from over 100 of California’s Native American tribes, and there are plenty of interactive exhibits too, from trying your hand at pounding acorns into meal to learning about the elders who are still fighting today to keep their culture alive.

Sacramento is a great destination from which you can learn so much about California’s history. From the range of art at the Crocker Art Museum to the multiple historic sites in Old Sacramento, the area is simply packed with history and culture, and is always a joy to explore.

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