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Websites That Help You Travel

//Websites That Help You Travel

Technology has had a huge impact on the travel industry in so many different ways, and with all of the different websites and apps now out there, it is so easy to book yourself a vacation in just a couple of clicks. However, choosing a website to use can often be quite challenging, especially with so many different options, so read on for some of the top sites that are always effective when it comes to helping you travel.

Airbnb and HomeAway
Airbnb and HomeAway offer relatively similar services, with the main difference being that while Airbnb controls more of the rental experience, HomeAway acts as more of a rental classifieds system. Nevertheless, both websites are fantastic to use if you are seeking accommodation, as you can find pretty much everything on them, from towering castles in the countryside to compact city apartments.

For those who are after a travel experience that is more high-end than sites like Airbnb offer, then eliteLYFE is the one to click over to. With its main focus on upscale luxury rentals, such as Necker Island that belongs to Sir Richard Branson and costs over $78,000 a night, this website is only used by the truly elite. In addition to accommodation, the website also provides services such as exotic car rentals and private jet charters.

There are so many different flight price comparison websites out there, but Skyscanner has always been one of the best. Their interface is extremely usable, and their unique search features enable users to discover new travel locations that they may not otherwise have considered. While Skyscanner may work best when traveling to or around Europe, the website also has an app, and together cover over 70 different countries in 30 languages.

For those traveling to Europe, Lecool is a great website if you are looking for something art or culture related to fill a day or evening. From festivals to supper clubs to pop-ups to poetry readings to gallery openings, the website covers a fantastic range of both well-publicized as well as more eccentric events, in London, Paris, Moscow, Barcelona, Budapest and more.

Globetrooper targets those looking for adventure, enabling them to find like-minded travel partners. If you are looking for someone to join you on a trip, you can post your trip details and invite other users with similar interests. Those who are looking for a trip to join can easily find one thanks to the site’s well-planned out interface, and it also gives you the opportunity to jump in and out of a few different trips, not having to sacrifice the joys that come from traveling on your own.

Travel can often be a hassle, but these websites each make traveling that much easier. Whether by finding you some amazing accommodation, or showing you the hottest places to visit in the city that you are in, be sure to bookmark these sites and turn to them the next time you are planning a trip.

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