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Waikiki Beach

//Waikiki Beach

Consisting of two miles of pristine white sand, Oahu’s Waikiki Beach is one of the most popular spots on the island. Whether you want to go surfing, snorkeling, swimming, walking, or simply catch one of Waikiki’s famous sunsets, this beach offers all of that plus so much more. Since the beach is split up into several different sections, it is easy to pinpoint the best area to go for your chosen activity, with each stretch of sand offering quite an individual experience.

Waikiki Beach Center
Also known as the Royal Hawaiian Beach section, the Waikiki Beach Center is one of the busiest areas of Waikiki Beach and is where you will find a number of different activities on offer. From surfing to paddling out on a canoe to chartering a ride on a catamaran, there are a number of shacks along this section of the beach where you can sign up for one of these activities. Since there is so much going on here, it is not the best section of beach for those wanting some peace and tranquillity and is better suited for those who want to fill their day with plenty of activities.

Queen Kapiolani Beach Section
The Queen Kapiolani Beach section of Waikiki Beach can be found just after the busiest stretch of beachfront hotels, with the waves that roll along Waikiki Wall making this a great spot to boogie board. It is also on this section of beach that the Sunset on the Beach movie nights are held, on a custom-made 1000 foot outdoor movie screen. Each movie night is quite an event, complete with food stalls, comedy acts, live music and other entertainment, all taking place as the last golden rays of the sun sweep across the beach.

Prince Kuhio Beach Section
This section of Waikiki Beach can tend to get quite crowded, but it is always a winner amongst children. Two concrete walls have been constructed here, and they stretch about 40 feet into the ocean, creating a serene, salt water swimming pool to play in.

Waikiki Beach Walk
The Waikiki Beach Walk has been recently renovated and is now a vibrant and cosmopolitan part of the area. The walk spans around eight acres of Waikiki and was the largest development to date in the area. This exciting new entertainment district is packed with over forty different retailers, as well as an array of fine dining restaurants and casual cafés. There is also an outdoor entertainment plaza to be found, at which visitors can enjoy regular live performances and unique weekly activities.

Each section of Waikiki Beach is slightly different, with some offering a calm and relaxing experience, and others filled with a hive of bustling activity. Whether you take in some of the action on the beach itself, or stroll along the beach walk and enjoy it all from more of a distance, you are likely to experience Waikiki Beach several times if you are visiting the area, as it is central to much of what Waikiki has to offer.

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