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Visiting Altstadt

//Visiting Altstadt

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A borough belonging to the German city of Düsseldorf, Altstadt, otherwise known as Old Town, only measures around half a square kilometer, but offers a sense of history, culture and beauty that no other Düsseldorf destination can compete with. With incredible architecture, major art venues, and the longest bar in the world, this guide will show you exactly how to explore the very best that Altstadt has to offer.Where to Stay
There are several different hotels to choose from in Altstadt, but for those looking for indulgence and luxury, you will not go wrong with picking the ornate Derag Livinghotel de Medici, situated just steps away from a major art museum. Another upscale hotel with a convenient location is the Carathotel Düsseldorf Altstadt, while the Altstadt Apartments and Suites Düsseldorf is another great option for those who would prefer more space and freedom than what a hotel provides.

Things to See and Do
Some of Düsseldorf’s most important art and culture venues can be found in Altstadt, with some of its very best museums being the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, the NRW-Forum and the Museum Kunstpalast, although there are around 100 different galleries that you could choose to visit. For those seeking performance arts, the city’s most important opera house, theater and concert hall can be found in Altstadt, all of which emphasize the reputation that Old Town has when it comes to the arts. The architecture that you will find around Altstadt is equally impressive, with gorgeous historical churches and towers sending their spires up into the clouds. In terms of shopping, Old Town is home to a mix of both international stores, as well as local independent retailers, providing you with quite the diverse shopping experience.

Where to Eat and Drink
Altstadt is known for being home to the “longest bar in the world”, which is a strip that is lined by around 300 different bars and inns, from down to earth local breweries to sophisticated cocktail bars. Düsseldorf has always had a reputation for brewing the most incredible beers, and there are some great ale houses dotted around Altstadt that are also well worth visiting, so that you can have a taste of what many refer to as liquid gold. Altbier is the most popular drink to try, while those who want something sweeter should order a Killepitsch, which is a local liqueur that has been spiced with berries. While drinking may be a popular activity here, the food is nothing to shy away from either, as Altstadt is known for serving up some of the best pork knuckle sandwiches in Germany, with Schweine James being a particularly popular restaurant.

While Altstadt may not seem that large in size, it more than makes up for this with the richness and diversity of the experience that it offers. From touring the local art museums to visiting the local breweries, Altstadt is a town that does have some contemporary touches, but has managed to hold on to its sense of history and heritage in a truly captivating way.

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